Will Troubleshooting 'Standards' Support be a Problem?

Published Feb 25, 2010 00:00 AM
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In our first 3 tests of IP camera 'standards', we have run into problems with 2 of them. In the Sony-Milestone integration using ONVIF, the integration simply did not work. In the LILIN-Milestone integration using ONVIF, decoding LILIN's video in the Milestone client displayed artifacting. This is despite the existence of an ONVIF conformance testing tool [link no longer available]. The IQinVision-Milestone integration using PSIA was successful. PSIA plans to release a testing tool but we do not believe it is available yet (we are checking). [Note: We only tried with Milestone as it is the only VMS we now that has production release for PSIA or ONVIF. This will certainly change in the coming months and we will try with more combinations.]

This raises the question: Will troubleshooting systems using standards be a problem? At least in the beginning could this be a bigger problem than proprietary integrations? At least with proprietary integrations, if you have a problem, support for both the camera and VMS side is likely to have experience and direct conformation that the combination of products being attempted is known to work (or not). With standards, it will be hard for manufacturers to guess where the problem is.

We are aware that the trade groups are sponsoring workshops or plug fests to help validate integrations. While this will help, we wonder if this will be enough.

Certainly, in the future, these issues will be resolved. We do question: (1) How long will it take? and (2) How problematic will it be in the meantime?