What Do Rubber Ducks Have to Do With Security?

Published Aug 15, 2012 00:00 AM
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president duckies"Well actually nothing," admits a security manufacturer who is giving away 3000 rubber ducks [link no longer available] at ASIS 2012. Indeed, there are 25 sets for you to pick from [link no longer available], including:

  • Viking rubber ducks for Axis employees
  • Super villian rubber ducks for OV employees
  • Zombie rubber ducks for analog dealers

Now, you may be saying, "Why is this company giving away rubber ducks?" This manufacturer's answer is that "kids love parents and grandparents to bring back cool stuff." All ASIS attendees need to do is pre-order and pick them up at the manufacturer's booth.

And there you have it - rubber ducks to get visitors to their booth. Genius or insanity?

The rubber ducks cost almost nothing. You can buy the presidential rubber duck set online for $3.95. And that may be the genius in this plan. If they can some qualified booth visitors for a few dollar gimmick, it's a huge win.

Well played, rubber duckie manufacturer...