Western European Video Surveillance Statistics

By John Honovich, Published Sep 07, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

A UK non-profit specializing in the building and construction industry has released market statistics and projections for the European security and video surveillance markets. The BSRIA issued a release overviewing their statistical results

The key statistics/conclusions cited:

  • Intrusion alarms will be increasingly supplanted by the monitoring of CCTV/video surveillance monitoring
  • 2008 Western Europe installed system sales of CCTV/Video Surveillance estimated at $3.9 B USD
  • In rank of market size, UK is the largest, followed by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and finally the Netherlands
  • The Top 5 manufacturers of video surveillance serving Western Europe only have approximately 20% of the market
  • Over the last decade, BSRIA reports that "government, retail and banking are amongst the top spenders when it comes to video surveillance"
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