2010 Video Surveillance Industry Guide

By John Honovich, Published Mar 07, 2010, 07:00pm EST

The 612-page 2010 Video Surveillance Industry Guide provides the most comprehensive global coverage of the market, companies, and products in video surveillance. It aggregates key analysis and research provided in our over 900+ reports.

What's Inside the Guide?

The Guide provides detailed forecasts, statistics, financials, company and product reviews.

How Do I get Updates for the Guide?

Each month, we release a monthly update report, a 50 - 100 page PDF that covers the newest trends and products in video surveillance.

Who is the Guide for?

People who plan to make decisions about video surveillance technologies - primarily those looking to select video surveillance products or develop those products.

What does it Cost?

All corporate subscribers to our Video Surveillance Pro Service may obtain the Guide. Cost for an annual corporate subscription is $499.00 USD. In addition to receiving the Industry Guide Report PDF, you receive 1 full year's access to all 900+ reports.

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What other alternatives exist?

If you just want to read the information on the web, you can access all IP Video Market Info reports on-line for as low as $99 for a 3 month period (choose the quarterly plan).

A number of traditional analyst firms provide reports for 10 to 30 times the price of our service. Compare to In-Stat's $3,495 report [link no longer available] and IMS's $12,700 report [link no longer available].

The main advantage of traditional reports is detailed revenue segmentation and ranking for specific categories and geographies. By contrast, we provide comprehensive high level statistics and far more in-depth analysis on trends, companies and products.

Unlike traditional analysts, IP Video Market Info is focused solely on video surveillance and is run by industry experts with extensive experience in video surveillance integration and manufacturing. We provide our research direct over the Internet and at a price point that regular businesses can afford.

All contents of the 2010 Industry Guide are collected from existing IP Video Market reviews. The report is an edited, downloadable, sharable version of content you may read individually on the site.

If you have already requested a copy of the guide, there is no need to request again as the contents are the same. For updates, download the January and February monthly reports.

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