US - China Review Commission Cites IPVM on Foreign Provider Threat

By Charles Rollet, Published Oct 01, 2019, 08:47am EDT

A bipartisan congressional commission cited IPVM twice in its analysis of how the PRC government protects its surveillance firms from foreign competition.

US China commission cites IPVM

The US China Economic Security Review Commission's September bulletin states that China has long viewed "foreign providers as a threat":

This paragraph is based on two IPVM articles :

One of the USCC's main takeaways is that PRC surveillance providers have risen to the top thanks to "robust government intervention" in the form of both protectionism and demand from police:

The bulletin also raises concerns about Chinese surveillance firms' surveillance of minorities (although without mentioning Hikvision and Dahua's extensive involvement in Xinjiang), stating:

Chinese firms are combining what were once isolated devices or fragmented networks into massive urban management platforms that enable China’s government to identify specific individuals, profile ethnic minorities, or track people’s movements and activities within some of the world’s largest cities.

For background, the USCC's main role is to submit an annual report to Congress about the US-China relationship and make legislative recommendations "where appropriate":

Its next annual report will be out this November.

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