UK Market Size Falling Sharply

By John Honovich, Published Dec 16, 2009, 07:00pm EST

A UK research firm, Key Note, estimates a significant fall in 2009 CCTV UK sales and an even steeper fall projected in 2010.

In their Closed Circuit Television 2009 report [link no longer available], they estimate an 8.9% decline in total 2009 revenue compared to 2008. Furthermore, "Key Note forecasts a further fall of 16.5% by value in 2010, after which the market should return to growth."

By contrast in their 2008 report [link no longer available], they estimated total UK CCTV sales at 582m Pounds in 2007 with "continued growth for the market up to 2012, when its value is expected to reach 735m Pounds at end-user prices."

The UK's Office of National Statistics show a more severe recession in the UK than many parts of the world, including the US - certainly a significant factor in the contraction of the UK CCTV market.

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