Timetable for ONVIF Support

By John Honovich, Published Jun 03, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Axis told me that they plan to release ONVIF support to their camera firmware in Q3, 2009. This will be in addition to their existing VAPIX protocol.

If Axis does release ONVIF support in Q3 and it works well, this would have a major impact in standards development. Given international preference for ONVIF/Axis, a timely release would likely mean ONVIF wins.

Axis also reports that they will not add support for ONVIF to Camera Station, their VMS software. Axis' decision here is important because if they did add ONVIF support, Camera Station would become much more of a competitor to 3rd party VMS providers.

In other ONVIF news, Bosch reports that ONVIF 2.0 may include specifications for accessing recorded video. If and when this happens, this could be valuable (1) for supporting on-board storage in cameras and (2) to support DVRs (which I think would help significantly in allowing customers to migrate from DVRs.

[Update 2012: Nearly all Axis and Bosch cameras support ONVIF. While the 2.0 version supports recorded video, production support remains limited.]

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