The Importance of On-Line Training Videos

By John Honovich, Published Mar 10, 2010, 07:00pm EST

In an industry so focused on Internet based security video, it's shocking and somewhat sad that we have so few on-line training videos for the use of these products. Even more bizarre is that manufacturers spend so much on physical training and meetings, despite on-line videos costing dramatically less and providing far broader access to information (both geographically and temporally).

We find this especially troubling in the VMS and video analytics segments where many of the largest vendors require multi-day on-site training but offer very few on-line options to learn. The only common educational option for remote users is to read the manual. However, reading manuals is very time consuming and does not provide the same level of demonstration that video can provide (especially when describing complex actions). While manuals are definitely useful for looking up specific pieces of information, they are a poor primary tool for general education.

We think manufacturers and the community would mutually benefit from extensive, technical videos that show in detail how to setup and use video surveillance products. Making this publicly available would be a powerful tool in selling one's products and reducing the risk and error for new users to switch to a product.

To that end, we plan to highlight such on-line technical training videos - starting with Avigilon, Axis and Pelco. If you know more, please share and we will add.

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