Advertising Blows Up on SIW

Published Jun 29, 2012 00:00 AM
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Reading through today's hatchet job against Pelco, SecurityInfoWatch dumped two surprises. Not only is the article laughably and ignorantly a fluff job for ObjectVideo, SecurityInfoWatch has added in an unprecedented amount of advertising (though obviously not from Pelco).

The article is filled with crazy claims from OV about them inventing metadata and their 'very healthy' software business (though they could only cite one customer - the industry's most spectacular failure - Cisco).

Also surprising was the masive advertising wrapped around the article, and indeed on every page of SIW now. Take a look at the new vs the old:

siw advertising

This is new for SIW and unprecedented for any of the major security trade magazines. Banners and buttons are obviously common but wrapping ads in this manner overwhelms the site.

I am curious if this will be a template for the future of trade magazine websites. While this surely makes it easier to see ads - how can you miss this - it may hurt readership as it is distracting and looks spammy.

Still the best decision I have ever made is not to accept any advertising.