SightLogix Clear24 Thermal Camera Examined

Published Sep 26, 2011 00:00 AM
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Analytics provider SightLogix announced the Clear24 thermal camera at ASIS 2011. This product aims to resolve a number of common thermal problems: Thermal images may often appear washed out, especially over long distances, targets may be unclear if they are close in temperature to their backgrounds, and adverse weather may result in the image appearing hazy.

The Clear24 camera is equipped with on-board processing designed to increase contrast and visibility. SightLogix's processing aims to remedy these issues, and create a thermal image which looks more like a monochrome image, with better detail than typical thermal cameras. Normally to increase visibility and range in a thermal camera, the imager size must be increased, which results in a significant cost increase.

The Clear24 camera is equipped with a 320x240 thermal imager with lens options from 4.6 degrees through 48 degree field of view, in an IP66 nitrogen-purged housing. It is capable of streaming in either MJPEG or MPEG-4 (H.264 is conspicuously missing), and may be integrated to VMS partners by emulating an Axis 211, also how their current line of SightSensors is supported. The housing can be powered via either 24VAC or HiPoE.

The Clear24 will not have carry SightLogix's geo-referencing software, nor other analytics. This is the first product in SightLogix's line to be produced without on-board analtics. The Clear24 signal processing will be applied to an upcoming revamp of the SightSensor line, however, which is reported to be higher performance and lower in cost.

The Clear24 will be available in the fourth quarter and has an approximate MSRP of $6,000, which is in the normal range for thermal cameras. The closest competitors for this product are Axis Q19 series, Bosch's VOT-320, and Pelco's newly-announced Sarix Thermal. The Axis Q1921-E sells for over $4,000 and the VOT-320 sells for over $7,000 online. We imagine the Clear24's street pricing, after discounts, would be between these two.

Without testing, we cannot comment on how well the Clear24's processing works.

SightLogix has released the following marketing video overviewing the technology: