SIA Says: Buy Our Stuff, Stop School Shootings!

Published Feb 01, 2013 00:00 AM
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The US Security Industry Association is proudly speaking for all of us in a letter to President Obama, imploring more spending for SIA manufacturer's products and services.

SIA is seeking "reasonable public policy solutions that may help to avert such horrific attacks in the future."

Here's what SIA recommends:

  • "funding for school security assessments"
  • "investment in technology, such as digital video cameras and access control systems"
  • "emergency preparedness training for education and law enforcement personnel"

SIA wants to let funding loose:

  • "Providing full funding for the Secure Our Schools program administered by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)"
  • "Leverage the purchasing power of the General Services Administration (GSA)"
  • "Local school officials are in the best position to make the final decision on how to use these financial resources."

Let's throw money at electronic security systems is an excellent way to serve SIA self interests but as our 100 comment debate on school security and school systems shows, unlikely to avert horrific attacks in the future.

Perhaps it is no better nor worse than the hundreds of other industry lobbyists but it is also no source of pride to be associated with such shallow ambulance chasing.

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