Seeks to Acquire Companies

By John Honovich, Published Mar 10, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

The founder of ioimage, Roni Kass posted a note on the LinkedIn Video Analytics Group [link no longer available]. His note stated, "We are interested to collaborate/acquire different companies, which have complementary technology/products to our products. These can be unique intelligent video algorithms, special sensors, and unique hardware solution. Companies may be pre-revenue (in advanced prototype stage), initial revenue, or more mature companies." In an e-mail exchange with ioimage, Kass stated, "Business is going well, good time to grow, and we cannot do everything in-house". He did not disclose funding available for acquisitions. I think it's most likely that any acquisition is more for technology than established brand as most brands in video analytics are too weak to have value and the few that do would cost too much. Also interesting is the use of a social network like LinkedIn to prospect. It's a sign of the increasing power of the Internet to conduct business. And because LinkedIn provides a global scope (that group has almost 2000 members), ioimage may be able to find a relatively unknown company without spending on traditional middlemen.

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