Samurai UK Video Analytics Project Examined

Published Dec 23, 2009 00:00 AM
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Samurai [link no longer available] is a UK based project to develop behavioral / advanced video analytics to detect suspicious or high risk behavior in public facilities, led by Queen Mary, University of London.

Samurai was featured in New Scientist magazine in December 2009. The article describes features including:

"The system can also learn the routes people are likely to take - straight from the entrance to check-in, say. It can even follow a target as they move in a crowd, using the characteristic shape of the person, their luggage and the people they are walking with, to follow them as they walk between different camera views."

It's clearly still in the research stages (see their research publications [link no longer available]).

[Update 2012: We cannot find any updates on the project nor is their website active.]