Results of IP Camera Survey

By John Honovich, Published Jun 05, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

94 respondents answered our IP camera survey. Here are some highlights of the results:

  • 73% believe standards are very important while only 4% think they are not important
  • Of the 60 respondents who are not members of either PSIA or ONVIF, 64% did not have a preference or know enough to prefer one or the other while 25% supported ONVIF and 11% favored PSIA.
  • The average respondent estimated that manufacturers would widely support standards in 2012 (with 23% believing that it would be as soon as 2010 and 20% thinking that it would be 2013 or later). No one believed that standards would be widely supported this year.
  • 51% of respondents were from the US; 25% from Europe and the balance in Asia and the Middle East.

While the survey is not scientific, it does point to 2 interesting trends: (1) Most people do not really know the difference between PSIA and ONVIF. Even someone like me, who researches these groups, does not see strong differences. To the extent that ONVIF is favored, I believe this reflects the strength of Axis (as industry people who support ONVIF frequently note Axis as the main reason). (2) It's interesting to see that most respondents think widespread support of IP camera standards are 3 years out. The range of responses also shows that this will be an ongoing process.

[Update 2012: The ONVIF 'standard' is now widely supported just as our respondents estimated.]

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