PSIM Marketer Spam Bombs LinkedIn

By John Honovich, Published Feb 10, 2013, 07:00pm EST (Info+)

LinkedIn's descent into a cyber cesspool continues with unscrupulous marketers stepping up their spam campaigns. Today, we have a PSIM marketer, from CNL, blasting away, posting the same exact discussion on at least 10 different groups, ranging from Security Source Online to Pelco to Cisco to the 'Defence Network', the 'CCTV and Video Analytics' group and many more.

Here's the 'discussion':

*****, ** ** *** * ********** but ** ************ ** ** *******. Second, ***** *** ****** ********** ****, the ******* **** *** ******* **** at ***. *******, *** **** ********* with * ********* *** *** ********'* own *****.

** *** ********* ********** ******* **** in ***** *** ***** *** ******* it ** ** ***** ****** ** overwhelming. **** ** * ***** ******* of *** ******** ** ***** ******* by ********* *********. ******* ** ****** genuine ***********, ********* ******* *** **** the ***********.

** ******, **** ** * ******* of *** ******* *******. **** ******** will **** **** **** *** *** and, ** *** *******, **** ******** for ***, ******* **** **** ***** from ******* *** *************.

** **** *** ************ **** **** was, **** *** *** ** ************ one ***** *** *****:

Comments (10)

Has Rockoff branched off from "How not to sell hdcctv" into running "how not to sell anything" training courses? Maybe this was the first gradute of his new training class?


Came THAT CLOSE to my monitors wearing my lemonade after reading Brian's post there...

I actually believe this tactic works short term especially for something like PSIM. Let's say 100 or 300 people are annoyed but 1 person is spured on to seriously use a PSIM. It's a good overall deal because those other people are not likely to use PSIM anyway plus PSIM is small enough anyway that any individual deal is a non trivial portion of overall annual revenue.

The big problem I see is that it continues to give PSIM a bad name, deeping its reputation problems, as an expensive, difficult to use offering that needs to rely on spamming others to get the word out.

CNL is already doing this for years. It works for them obviously. But now it starts to hit back on mister Adlan and CNL..... too much cnl, too much psim....

About Linked... its all about moderation. There are groups with a lot spam and some are better moderated. I also have to say that seeing the "usual suspects" in IPVM also starts to be pretty annoying, always the same faces with the same sort of answers. You should do something about that. That's also a sort of spam... A few people in IPVM are over their "best before date".....

I could honestly see this tactic working for lower-value items, Longse is a great (horrible) example of that.

But a PSIM is kind of a considered purchase, I don't think many people are going to suddenly decide "Yeah, I need a PSIM" after being spammed to death. Overall I think this tactic would be a detractor for larger-valued purchases like that. The kinds of people evaluating those products seem like they would be a little more thorough and methodical in their approach. Seeing constant low-value posts like that would cause most normal people to think "THAT is a company I don't want to do business with."

"yeah i need a psim"....good one!

I can see this in advertisement, guy/girl jumping in the air and yells "now i see it, i need a psim system!" Eureka!

Brian, maybe most of these people evaulating those type of products are thoughtful but I've continuously been stunned about the number of dopes and suckers who are in positions of power for physical security systems (especially when it comes to technology).

Undisclosed, about the 'usual suspects', it definitely impacts the style and value of the group. For instance, I've posted hundreds of comments this month so if you don't like what I have to say, than it obviously hurts the value of you reading the group. However, the 'usual suspects' rarely recommend specific products, so I don't see it as promotional. That said, I certainly think it's worthwhile to have a broad array of opinions and am working to reach out to get more people to post (there are 20 to 30x people who read than post).

"Wow, a PSIM, never thought of that. Definitely gotta get me one'a them. They got those at Wally-mart?" Can I get a discount if I buy three?"

John -

To be fair, I'm stunned by the dopes and suckers too, but I do think they are not as much of a majority cause as we might presume. There is just some perception bias because those are the cases that so clearly stick out, and take up time in dealing with them.

The only bad publicity is your obituary.

PSIM is such an under exposed area that I was drawn into Adlan's posts and somewhat thankful. I see the last mention of PSIM in the list for IPVM is years old.

I like the fact he's just stirring it up but care is always necessay with "recommendations" - principally the source.

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