PSIM Marketer Spam Bombs LinkedIn

By John Honovich, Published Feb 10, 2013, 07:00pm EST

LinkedIn's descent into a cyber cesspool continues with unscrupulous marketers stepping up their spam campaigns. Today, we have a PSIM marketer, from CNL, blasting away, posting the same exact discussion on at least 10 different groups, ranging from Security Source Online to Pelco to Cisco to the 'Defence Network', the 'CCTV and Video Analytics' group and many more.

Here's the 'discussion':

First, it is not a discussion but an announcement of an article. Second, while the poster emphasizes PSIM, the article does not mention PSIM at all. Finally, the post concludes with a promotion for the marketer's own group.

We can certainly understand running this in their own group but posting it in 10 other groups is overwhelming. This is a prime example of why LinkedIn is being overrun by shameless marketers. Instead of having genuine discussions, marketers pollute and ruin the environment.

Of course, this is a tragedy of the commons problem. Each marketer will take what they can get and, in the process, ruin LinkedIn for all, pushing away real users from reading and participating.

To show how overwhelming this spam was, here are the 10 announcments one after the other:

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