Promotion to Cut Costs on Security Lighting

By John Honovich, Published Jan 25, 2010, 07:00pm EST

UK IR/lighting specialist Raytec is running an expanded promotion that offers cash back to installers [link no longer available] deploying Raytec's IR [link no longer available] or white light [link no longer available] LED products.

Of the various green initiatives within the video surveillance market, we think may be the most sensible. The business case is essentially that street lighting is very power intensive and the bulbs need to be frequently changed. Raytec claims that yearly savings of 450 Pounds (approx $730 USD). They contend, "In switching to LED illuminators the user will start to make cost savings within 2 years compared to 500W lights and in 3 years compared to 300W lights." While we are always skeptical of manufacturer financial claims, we think it is reasonable that the savings will be non-trivial.

In August 2008, we examined how some US municipalities were attempting to turn off street lighting to save money.

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