Production Support for ONVIF and PSIA

Published Jan 05, 2010 00:00 AM
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Milestone has released production support for both ONVIF and PSIA in their 4.6 device pack [link no longer available]. We have already tested the ONVIF implementation with a PTZ camera from LILIN.

Connecting to the LILIN camera using the ONVIF protocol followed the same basic process as normal IP connections. Instead of selecting a specific camera from the list, the integrator selects, "ONVIF Conformant Device." In our test with LILIN, the camera connected immediately (which was an interesting test as Milestone does not directly support the LILIN camera otherwise).

The one configuration difference we found was with setting up PTZ control. This required specific modifications to camera settings that are not needed with 'regular' or 'traditional' integration with PTZ. The image below demonstrates the setup that enabled PTZ control to work using ONVIF to connect the LILIN PTZ to Milestone.

Next week, we plan to conduct a similar test with IQinVision's 4 series which are PSIA conformant.