Pelco Layoff Examined

Published Jan 13, 2010 00:00 AM
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Pelco has announced a layoff of 100 employees, or approximately 4% of their global workforce of 2400. Pelco cites 3 main factors: "the result of slower than expected sales recovery from early 2009 declines, increased efficiency in manufacturing, and our anticipation of weak industry growth for 2010." In December 2008, Pelco had a smaller layoff.

UPDATE September 28, 2011: New Pelco / Schneider Electric layoffs.

Compared to Industry

As we demonstrated in our examination of public video surveillance company results, sharp drops in 2009 revenue were commonplace across the board for larger video surveillance companies. Some of the leading IP only providers growth fell to near zero growth (see our examination of Axis and Mobotix's recent results). Many of the analog incumbents growth fell 10% or more. Furthermore, the public results show many companies revenue declines accelerating towards the end of 2009.

Note: Pelco, though a division of a publicly traded company does not publicly disclose their division's revenue or financial performance.

What do Pelco's Layoffs Say About the Video Surveillance Industry?