Panoramic Camera Business Case

By John Honovich, Published Aug 05, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Mobotix has a new video presenting the benefits and busienss case of their panoramic cameras. Key points including replacing 4 cameras and not needing an NVR because of 4GB on-board storage and DVR functionality built into the camera. The latter points are core to Mobotix's general marketing and are not really panoramic specific. The first point, about replacing 4 cameras, is pure over-marketing. At best, these cameras would replace the deployment of 2 traditional fixed cameras. Those traditional cameras would likely have greater effective resolution/image quality for the smaller areas they cover.

Other issues that should be taken into account: 4GB is small amount of storage especially for a megapixel camera. Additional on-site storage will be needed (though Mobotix support of direct recording to NAS devices makes this inexpensive). Also, Mobotix uses an example of a retailer. Retailers usually want PoS integration which is something that Mobotix's VMS software lacks. Finally, Mobotix's panoramic cameras work only with Mobotix's VMS software.

The big advantage Mobotix has is that they are one of the few manufacturers in the world with panoramic support. I am aware of a half dozen manufacturers working on panoramic cameras. It will be interesting to see how long it will take and how good those alternatives can be.

[Update 2012: Everyone's going 360 / Panoramic.]

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