Panel on IP Camera Standards

By John Honovich, Published Feb 28, 2009, 07:00pm EST

TechSec featured a debate on IP camera standards - ONVIF, PSIA, etc. Sam has a long writeup and the discussion on standards is at the very end of his post. What's most shocking to me on this discussion is that the claimed material differences between ONVIF and the PSIA is a difference in communication format. (The REST/SOAP debate is a fairly low level technical issue and if you care to understand it better, see this writeup on REST v SOAP.) Most developers these days prefer REST but the reality is it is not a significant material difference. If this is all that is really holding up resolving ONVIF v PSIA, then there is little reason not to resolve this immediately. If they do not, it's a sign that this is more about vendor positioning than it is a genuine difference in vision or functionality (which is what informed observers have believed from the beginning). Sam now has a transcript of the entire debate available.

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