150 Booths Still Available for ISC West

Published Feb 08, 2010 00:00 AM
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In a sign of trade show convention struggles, about 150 booths are still available for ISC West with a little over 1 month to the show. From ISC West's interactive exhibitor map, it appears that almost half of the 10 x 10 booths are still available.

The image below shows all the empty booths in blue (notice the back and right side lit up in blue):

While almost all of the incumbents are still exhibiting in large booths, a quick search shows industry newsmakers Cisco and BRS Labs to be absent. Also, while ISC West often quotes a figure of 900 exhibitors, this map indicates the number seems closer to 500 or 600 confirmed.

If you are looking for a booth, now is probably a great time to make a deal. If you are looking to meet a variety of lesser known manufacturers, the shortage of exhibitors may be an issue.

Given that ISC West is so close, it will be challenging to fill these booths as vendors generally need a significant amount of time to prepare booths/exhibiting.