OV Lawsuit: Bosch Trying to Get Axis Involved?

Author: John Honovich, Published on Nov 02, 2011

In a very interesting new twist to the ongoing ObjectVideo lawsuit / investigation at the United States International Trade Commission, Bosch is trying to get Axis involved. The filings on this topic are confidential but a response was filed by Axis on October 26, 2011 seeking to squash Bosch's request. We do not know what Bosch wants Axis to testify on. However,  as we reported right before ObjectVideo's lawsuit campaign commenced, Axis is licensing rights to two of ObjectVideo's patents for their crossline analytic. Also, Axis is not a party or being sued by ObjectVideo. Bosch wants Axis as a witnesss (presumably in its defense). However, it appears that Axis wants to stay out of this battle. We will continue to track how this progresses.

Update: Bosch has asked for an extension until November 30th to respond to Axis's motion to squash Bosch's request. Bosch notes: "While Bosch and Axis are working toward a resolution, they will be unable to finally resolve the issues by November 7."

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