ONVIF/PSIA Video Interviews Examined

By John Honovich, Published Nov 20, 2009, 07:00pm EST

Security Squared posted a long video featuring interviews with key members of the ONVIF and PSIA standards groups [link no longer available].  In addition to speaking with founding members, the video has dialogue with manufacturers from both sides of the standards initiatives.

Video is embed below. Our summary and commentary follows.

The video begins with an introductory brief on the ONVIF group and points out that ONVIF has over 90 manufacturers that support the standard. Also included is an interview with the GM of Axis Communications (and ONVIF founding member), Fredrik Nilsson. In the interview, Nilsson focuses on the success of the standard by the number of manufacturers that support ONVIF, which in turn will ultimately benefit the end-user.

He states, "It would probably not be until 2010-2011 until we start seeing most of the specifications, but its obviously a big benefit for the end-user." Compare to our projected timetable for IP camera interoperability specification adoption.

Axis also emphasizes how ONVIF is 'global.' While we agree that ONVIF has greater recognition and support than PSIA outside the US, a number of non-US companies including Synectics, Everfocus and HikVision have been demonstrating PSIA support.

Coverage continues by examining the PSIA group's offering which features an interview with PSIA Chairman, Robert Hile, who expresses his view on open standards.

He states, "Ultimately, what opens standards are going to do for this industry, is they're going to lower the cost of ownership to the end-user[...]To the integrator, its a lower cost of integration, of which most of the savings should be passed down to the end-user."

Finally, reference was made to PSIA's recorder interoperability draft specification (see our examination of that release and the potential for video recorder interoperability).

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