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By John Honovich, Published Jul 07, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

This week, OnSSI announced a new IP Video Software version called NetEVS. According to the announcements, it uses a 'recording system component' from Milestone (see the Milestone version [link no longer available] and the OnSSI version [link no longer available] of the announcement). The announcements are unclear (recording systems component?) but from the technical documentation, it seems that OnSSI is using Milestone's Corporate version [link no longer available]. Corporate is the newest and highest end of the 4 series from Milestone.

This announcement follows the broad announcement [link no longer available] between these companies in March about OnSSI becoming an ingredient OEM of Milestone's XProtect software.

Today's announcement generates further questions about what software is OnSSI's own and what is from Milestone. I have a request in to OnSSI for further feedback.

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