Observations on ACTi's Strategy

By John Honovich, Published May 24, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

A May 2009 press release from ACTi demonstrates 3 interesting characteristics about ACTi's strategy and market approach. The press release is about IFSEC but it covers their general market focus:

  • ACTi acts like a western company: They talk about how amazing they are and the blockbuster products they are delivering. While this is (unfortunately) typical US behavior, this is surprising compared to other Taiwanese companies. The typical Taiwanese approach is understatement and focus on not offending potential OEM partners. ACTi wants to compete head to head against companies globally.
  • ACTi's goal is to drop prices while matching Western companies' product quality. They say as much -- "lowering the price while delivering even better video quality and all essential camera functions."
  • They are emphasizing new products that improve video quality like the TCM-5311, a 1.3MP camera that offers Sony's new CCD to improve low light image quality.

[Update 2011: ACTi's growth and progress has feel dramatically. See our ACTi Financial Report for details.]

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