NICE to Acquire Orsus Rumors True

By John Honovich, Published Nov 21, 2009, 07:00pm EST

Now confirmed (Nov 23, 2009), Multiple Israeli news sources are reporting that NICE is in talks to acquire Orsus. If this comes true, it would be an important event for the video surveillance and broader security market.

The Israeli papers are reporting an acquisition price of $40 Million USD or less despite overall investment in Orsus of $70 Million USD. See a Google translate version of ynet's article and The Marker's article.

Update - Nov 22: A New report indicates the purchase price is $22 Million USD (see Google translate of Calcalist's article).

Also, we found a 2000 report that indicates $40 Million was invested in Orsus before it transitioned into security (see page 3 of the Isreali high Tech Investment Report)

Given NICE's tight focus on the high end security market, Orsus's product makes strategic sense. However, this would not be a good sign for the financial success of the PSIM market. Orsus is broadly regarded as a top provider of PSIM solutions. To be acquired at a fraction of investment would validate the many problems PSIM faces.

[Update: Read our full report on the acquisition.]

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