52 New Products Directory ISC West 2014

Published Mar 30, 2014 04:00 AM

This is the worst crop of new announcements in years, with minimal advances.

Here is a list of announcements and links to the manufacturer's website page (or IPVM review) of new products being showcased at ISC West 2014.

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Comments (1)
Rukmini Wilson
Apr 04, 2014

Aptina 1 Inch 4K Imager

Strange but true factoid, this "1 sensor actually measures only .53" H inches by .36" V, with a diagonal of .63"

Ryan Talbot
Apr 08, 2014

Thank you IPVM for a great review of ISC West 2014, The Video's were also really good.

I definitely did need a couple of days to get around and see, well almost everything. I guess you try and filter through some of the things that may not interest you as much, so you can try and make good use of your time in between meetings and everything else that is going on.

So what was new this year, what was the showcase of new technology? 4K and HEVC/H.265 were probably the standouts of new technology; however we have seen in the past companies being first to market, often nothing more than just a statement. Just because a camera has a pixel count of 8.3 million pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio, without the right processor, imaging chip and lens technology to support it then it may not be as good as it sounds.

I was surprised that IPVM did not do a review of the Canon Stand. This in many ways was unique to other camera competitors. As most people know, Canon is very well known as the industry leader in optics. Just take a look at the digital SLR’s for example. This same technology is built into the new range of Canon IP Cameras so why wouldn’t it be taken seriously.

The Canon stand featured a dark room showing extreme low light, maintaining color as well as an accurate color room showcasing Canon’s superior imaging with color reproduction. Canon also boasts the world’s smallest 1080p PTZ of its kind as well as dome cameras that can be remotely panned, rotated, tilted and zoomed for setup. This means that the installer does not need a ladder or scissor lift to position the camera.

I hope in the future that IPVM can carry out reviews of some of the newer Canon products. I have also posted a few photo's of the Canon stand for those interested.

Thanks again IPVM and keep up the good work and the education that you provide for the industry.

Brian Rhodes
Apr 08, 2014
IPVMU Certified

Ryan, your post violates multiple posting guidelines. First, disclose that you work for Canon. From our terms page:

Members may post comments on IPVM that advocates the use of a product so long as (1) the comment is relevant to the topic being discussed, (2) the commenter explains why it is relevant and (3) the commenter fully disclose their real name and company affiliation up front. Members are not allowed to post anonymous comments that promotes the sale of products they represent.

Eliminating promotional use is essential for IPVM to deliver genuine information and build trust with the community.

Simply spamming the group with a 'you should've seen it' message about your products is spam and will not be permitted.