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By John Honovich, Published Sep 24, 2013, 12:00am EDT

New product releases are a dud overall. The biggest news is Axis and Milestone both entering the physical access control market.

Before that, the two announcements getting the most reads so far are Aventura's H.265 cameras, which most people believe is marketing hype, and Milestone's Husky NVRs, which is less innovative than opportunistic.

Added Tuesday September 24th:

Added Monday September 23rd:

  • Brivo Version 10.11 - Features improved UI for improved video access, searching and landing page
  • Cisco VSM 7 [link no longer available] - New release includes federation, video proxying, analytic enhancement, more Medianet integration
  • DVTel Analytics Server Based [link no longer available] - now DVTel/iomage analytics can be applied to IP cameras directly without using their specific smart cameras / analog encoders
  • Mobotix MxLEO - new firmware claims significant low light imaging enhancements
  • SpotterRF Radar - new unit that claims 7x coverage increase over last year's release

More announcements:

  • Avigilon LightCatcher - Catch up move to low light optimized offerings from Axis, Bosch, Sony, etc.
  • Axis 3MP Outdoor Minidome - a new M series that is a lower cost alternative to current P series offerings
  • Axis Extended Warranties - Add-on, additional cost warranty up to 5 years.
  • Axis Camera Companion 2.1 - minor enhancements including 360 support, one click for QNAP NASes
  • Apple Integrated Fingerprint reader - positive sign for biometrics, negative for the NFC access control hype
  • Briefcam Syndex [link no longer available] - adds searching / filtering by size, color, speed and direction to their synopsis views/reviews
  • Dell SecurePOD Surveillance - If you want Dell and can stand buying from Ingram, you may like this.
  • Exacq LC - Low cost appliances match up against Milestone Arcus devices
  • Exacq 5.8 - Minor release adds 2 way audio, new camera support and some lower level functions
  • Genetec / ASSA - integrates with standalone locks, lower cost than traditional
  • IQinVision Arcus - embeds Milestone, only second camera manufacturer
  • Milestone 'Smart' Spot Monitor - expensive PC-less adapter for watching video
  • Micropower IR - wireless solar offering adds IR for low light monitoring
  • Network Optix 2.0 [link no longer available] - adds creating virtual cameras, fisheye support and a long list of features
  • OnSSI LS [link no longer available] - version adds Milestone Corporate edge recording for redundancy only
  • Smart Small Public View Monitor - niche product for retail
  • Ubiquiti Airvision 2.0 - low cost NVR appliance but only supports Ubiquiti cameras

Independent Startups / Crowdfunding

New offerings are increasingly coming from 'crowdfunded' startups, including:

  • LockLocker - preventing residential break-ins
  • Nymi Biometric Bracelet - Hands free but expensive wearable biometric credential
  • Amuyle - mobile PERS offering
  • Pixy - $59 smart camera module, clever but not terribly useful for surveillance / security
  • Canary - all in one home security offering
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