NeoVSP's Hosted Video Offering Examined

Author: John Honovich, Published on May 09, 2010

NeoVSP offers a hosted video surveillance solution targeted at telecommunication providers. For background, you may watch a demo of NeoVSP's offering. This update examines key elements of the NeoVSP solution.

NeoVSP supports 'plug n play' cameras from Axis AVHS offering as well as Vivotek cameras using specialized firmware. Additional cameras may be used with NeoVSP's system. However, they require on-site networking setup.

NeoVSP reports having a 'plug n play' NAS in development but it is not released. NeoVSP says they support on-board storage for a limited number of Vivotek cameras.

Targeting telecommunication providers, NeoVSP offers an ongoing monthly license fee or a one-time fee + annual support contract (similar to the model used for selling VMS software).

NeoVSP claims they will support 99.999% availability in an upcoming release. They also provide integration into 3rd party billing and management systems for telecommunication providers.

As for pricing, NeoVSP claims their partners can deliver end user pricing of $8 per month for 30 days of storage. However, NeoVSP has no partners offering this today.

Currently, they report 1000 direct customers in Israel, 2 business partners in Israel and 4 partners outside their home market.

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