Multi-Port Ethernet Over Coax Converter

Published Sep 18, 2011 00:00 AM
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Nitek has announced two new multi-port Ethernet over coax converters, the eight-port EL8500 and sixteen-port EL16500. While some vendors provide power over the coax (such as NVT [link no longer available] and Veracity), and others provide a single-space multi-port rackmount device (Vigitron), none have combined all these features to date.

The EL8500/16500 provide power and data to eight or sixteen coax outputs. Cameras at the far end are connected via ET1500C converters, which provide a single RJ45 Ethernet connection with PoE. The units provide full duplex 10/100 Ethernet, and up to 25.5w of PoE, supporting the 802.3af and 802.3at standards. The EL8500/16500 is then uplinked to a standard switch via a Gigabit Ethernet connection, simplifying connectivity. Other multi-port units require an Ethernet connection for each channel, increasing the number of switch ports needed.

The Nitek solution simplifies coax Ethernet installations in two ways: First, it simplifies cabling requirements since it outputs PoE. Ethernet over coax converters which don't provide power via the coax require either 24VAC, typically centrally located with switches, or a power supply at each converter. Second, it reduce the rack real estate required, by reducing the number of power supplies required. Vendors such as NVT and Veracity require multiple power supplies to power this density of transceivers, which can be a headache for integrators installing or servicing the rack. 

The EL8500/16500 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011. Pricing is not yet set, but is estimated to be around $6,800 for the EL16500, with ET1500C converters at approximately $385 each. The $6,800 price tag is a little bit higher than simply purchasing sixteen individual transceivers, but savings in labor and maintanance costs would likely offset this.