Mobotix Software 'Truly Horrible'

By John Honovich, Published Jun 10, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

The UK's most well known security publication has tested Mobotix's product and judged their MxControlCentre software to be 'truly horrible'. The money quote:

"MXControlCentre is truly horrible. It’s far from intuitive, the layout and labelling makes it really difficult to use and, on our setup at least, was prone to random crashes.... It’s a baffling design, defying well-established conventions to the point that hardly anything works as expected and functions that should be easy and accessible are buried in menus or hidden behind perplexing toolbar icons."

We are not surprised given that in our own tests, we rated Mobotix's simplicity to be weak and warned about the problems therein.

Mobotix's proponents emphasize that the software is free and that it has many advanced functionalities. We agree with the value of both points. However, this is significantly offset by the usability problems the software creates for many users.

Maybe a decentralized architecture is the way of the future and certainly Mobotix has developed an attractive solution for power users. However, Mobotix has to radically simplify their client usability if they aim to be delivere decentralized solutions to the broader security market.

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