IPVM VSaaS 2021 Show - 28 Videos On-Demand

Published May 20, 2021 13:02 PM
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The 2021 VSaaS show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page.

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IPVM HaaS Presentation + 4 Panels + 23 Companies Presenting

Here is an overview of the 2021 VSaaS Show

IPVM HaaS Presentation

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John Honovich, IPVM Founder, explains in detail 'Hostage as a Service' and takes questions from the live audience.

Cybersecurity VSaaS Panel

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  • Airship, VP of Sales, Brian Karas
  • Ava Security, Chief Product & Development Officer, Ran Pugach
  • Avigilon, Senior Product Manager, Jeffrey Barkley
  • Eagle Eye Networks, VP of Operations & Biz Dev, Hans Kahler

Hosted vs Managed VSaaS Panel

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  • Genetec, Product Line Manager, Stratocast, Oktay Yildiz
  • Morphean, VP Sales and Marketing, Martyn Ryder
  • Network Optix, CMO, Tony Luce
  • Openeye, VP, North American Sales, Jesse Crawford
  • Johnson Controls, Vice President OpenBlue Security and Innovation, Martin Renkis

Cloud Analytics Panel

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  • Calipsa, Chief Revenue Officer, Brian Baker
  • Camio, CEO, Carter Maslan
  • vCloud.ai, Founder, Yuri Ahmetov

Selling VSaaS Panel

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  • AxxonSoft, CEO, Alan Ataev
  • BluBØX, CEO, Patrick Barry
  • Rhombus Systems, Co-founder & CEO, Garret Larsson
  • VXG, VP Sales & Marketing, Robert MacMillan

23 Companies Presenting:

  • 3dEYE
  • Airship
  • Axxonsoft
  • Arcules
  • Ava
  • Avigilon
  • BluBox
  • Calipsa
  • Camio
  • Cloudvue (Tyco)
  • Duranc
  • Eagle Eye Networks
  • Genetec
  • IPConfigure
  • Ironyun
  • Ivideon
  • Milestone
  • Morphean
  • Network Optix
  • OpenEye
  • Rhombus
  • vCloud.ai
  • VXG

IPVM Moderates Seller's Presentations

While companies can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 15-minute presentations followed by a 15-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Watch On-Demand

All videos may be watched on the Shows Page.

Comments (7)
Undisclosed Integrator #1
May 03, 2021

I am guessing that this was asked before, but are the recordings available to non-IPVM users?

Donald Maye
May 03, 2021

Thanks for asking. No - video recordings are for members only. Non-members can view short previews of each presentation. Also, all past presentations are available for viewing in our new show portal.

Todd Privette
May 05, 2021

join the Content alone is worth it. IMO

Undisclosed End User #2
May 04, 2021

I guess the Verkada folks deiced not to reach out and get themselves a spot. Man that would have been the best half hour in IPVM history with the Live Chat blowing up :-)

Valery Dubovets
May 04, 2021
IPVMU Certified

Most of these Manufacturers were presenting their products last month or a few months before. Are they really going to present something new (and I am not talking about "we moved that button there" or "we changed/updated UI for...") or is it the same "story" to be told by sales/marketing person and starting with the company's history? Also, would be nice to know at least the titles of their presentations.

Dmytro Usenko
May 10, 2021
Camdog Inc

yeah. 70% were last month

John Scanlan
May 10, 2021
IPVM • IPVMU Certified

Valery - Thanks for the comment. This will not be a repeat of last month's show. Last month focused on new products that companies had or would bring to market within months of the show. This show will cover the participants' VSaaS offering at a higher level. While many did present last month, they were not all regarding cloud solutions.

Next month we will also host an online access control show and there will be overlap in presenters again e.g. Avigilon, Axis, etc, however not the content. The same will be true for a Fall analytics show.

We will update the presentation/session information with more details this week.