Many VMS Systems Do Not Support 64 Bit Operating Systems

By John Honovich, Published Feb 03, 2010, 07:00pm EST

A growing practical problem is the lack of VMS software applications that support 64 Bit Operating Systems. As more and more PCs are shipped with 64 bit OSes standard, this blocks those computers from running those VMS applications (whether it's client or server side). Even at retail stores, with 4GB RAM becoming commonplace, most PCs seem to ship with 64 bit OS.

Despite this, in our recent testing, we have ran into an alarming number of VMS applications that do not support 64 bit OSes. While most say adding support is on their committed roadmap, in the meantime, this is likely to become an increasing source of frustration.

Offsetting this is that most surveillance operators use PCs that are a few years old. However, integrators may find this to be a practical problem. We run VirtualBox on each of your PCs for testing/using VMS clients on 'virtualized' 32 bit OSes. However, it's an added step and does make some common functionalities more complex.

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