Manufacturer Alleges Magazine is Biased

By John Honovich, Published Jun 14, 2013, 12:00am EDT (Info+)

Rockoff Security's eponymous CEO has alleged that the most well known Asia security magazine, ASMAG, is biased .... against his products. His specific criticism is that "A&S Magazine[s] continue to pretend that IP cameras will soon take over surveillance," which evidently is a clear sign of bias.

Ironically, he notes that this magazine's issue "contains more ads for HDcctv/HD-SDI cameras than for IP cameras."

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Comments (4)

Be careful, John, your anti-Avigilon bias is showing... wait, what?

Todd continues to be his own worst enemy.

By the way, and you and I have discussed this many times John, I think HDCCTV would have been a great solution for the small to mid-size retail market. All the ease of install of Analog, but with the High Definition benefits of Network Cameras.

But like Betamax, HDCCTV just never really caught fire the way IP cameras did. Maybe it missed the wave, maybe it was the HDCCTV Alliance's appalling marketing, maybe that wave is yet to come as most of the small-to-medium sized retail market is still overwhelmingly analog.

As to this article itself, ASMAG makes a living selling ads, not writing articles based on who advertises. While there will always be the fact that if you buy ads in a publication, it can open you up to positive press from that media outlet, ideally the tie between ads and news content should always be bare and transparent, so the fact that ASMAG made that statement despite carrying lots of HDCCTV ads isn't hypocritical, Rockoff's rebuttal and ostriching notwithstanding.

"...the fact that ASMAG made that statement despite carrying lots of HDCCTV ads isn't hypocritical..."

Indeed, it speaks volumes that they would publish such an article that would seemingly bash products that are being advertised so prominently. Whether or not you consider that to be a statement about the product itself, it at least shows that the author, and ultimately editor, aren't afraid of their advertisers.

I wrote a letter (yes, a real letter) some 20 years ago to a major car audio magazine poking fun at some of the marketing gibberish in a couple of ads in a recent issue. They wrote back to tell me how much they enjoyed my letter, and wished they could print it, but didn't want to piss off the advertisers named. But they did send me a T-shirt :D

Too bad the T-Shirt didn't read, "I poured my heart and soul into a letter to the editor that they wouldn't even publish and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt"

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