ISC West 2013 Mega Event Finished

By John Honovich, Published Mar 18, 2013, 08:00pm EDT (Info+)

We did our biggest event ever at ISC West 2013 on Thursday April 11th.

You'll get intelligent conversation, networking and a chance to meet the IPVM team free from manufacturer sponsorships and pitches.

This event is ONLY open to IPVM PRO Members.

Here's our plan:

9 am - End User Only Meetup - The IPVM team will help end users to find the right products for their needs.

10 am - Panoramic Shootout Results Revealed - With a live system, we will show and explain who did the best and worst among Axis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Vivotek, Immervision, Sentry360 and more.

11:30 am - The Manufacturer Marketing / PR / Sales Meetup - A peace offering, we will host lunch, mingle and discuss ways to help manufacturers responsibly get the word out on their products.

1 pm - Trends in Access Control - Our first ever access control event will look at what's new and discuss how IPVM can improve access control information.

3:30 pm - The Death of VMS Servers Has Begun? - A debate on the futue of VMS systems as intelligent cameras, NASes and cloud services rise.

4:30 to 6pm - The Tech Meetup - Open to all engineers, product managers and IPVMU certified professionals, we will have drinks, discuss industry trends and what's new.

Comments (18)

to bad, I only arrive in the evening, after a long trip from Belgium.

I am sorry to miss this !

i wasn't planning on attending this year but if you guys will be there, that makes it a worthwhile trip!

Johan, sorry to hear that!

Undisclosed, yikes, now the expectations just jumped!

John & team,

I am going to try and make this event although I have not registered yet.

Joel, I hope you can make. The IPVM class reunion!

I'll save you a spot regardless but go ahead and register as we already are at 86 sign ups in a day.

Is Ingram Micro's PR team attending the 11:30 session? lol ;)

Kyle, no Anixter's sponsoring the lunch - ha ha ha!

This session is truly my worst nightmare, and there are already 60 people signed up - so we are way out numbered!


I am all booked now for the trip and will be there all week.


John, LOL

I didn't sign up for the 11:30am session but if I have time and there's room, would love to sit in a corner with a big bag of popcorn and a bigger beer to watch. Do you have an MMA ring setup for this one??

60 marketing peeps seems like a lot, and if you figure you're getting 25% of the market to attend (assuming), then there's around 240 attending ISC?

Everytime i'm at these shows I always wonder how the market supports all these manufacturers as I never hear or see 80% of them on the street.

Joel, looking forward to it!!!

Kyle, 240 marketing people at ISC West? bah!!! Try 2,400 easily. Each of the big manufacturers have 5 - 10 each. Then there are nearly 1000 total exhibitors plus dozens of other small companies with one or two marketing people each.

Waiting for this event!

Hi John,

  • Who are the industry leaders and analysts speaking/debating at the 3:30 event? When will you have their bios posted? What is the format for the debate? Will the audience be able to ask questions?
  • Your 11:30 event description implies a culture of animosity or adversarial relationships with OEMs. I don't feel that way. Whether or not I agree, I appreciate your feedback and insight.



Chris, there are no industry leaders / analysts at the 3:30 event. Just us at IPVM and whoever else shows. Yes, the audience will be heavily involved. It is the opposite of the typical sponsored presenters giving thinly veiled pitches that is common at such events.

We had a PR/marketing lunch last years and everything was fine. It's a little bit of an inside joke.

Do you have to be an IPVM member to attend any of these? I have a few coworkers attending...

So sad not being able to attend this year !!

Wish you all a very productive event

Nathan, yes, you have to be an IPVM member to attend.

Harold, we'll miss you!

john, whatt ballroom is the ipvm event located?

Galileo 10005 on ground floor of Sands

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