ISC East is Back On But?

Published Nov 02, 2012 00:00 AM
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ISC East, cancelled this week, is now back on [link no longer available] for the end of November, the week after Thanksgiving.

The show, which was once a national event, has declined over the past decade to become a regional show for the Northeast. A few years ago, SIA attempted to rebrand it as 'ISC Solutions'. Evidently, that did not solve the problem and they changed the name back to ISC East this year.

SIA, the organization behind the event, had been working hard to re-energive it. However, the last minute cancellation and now the short notice shift to a new date makes this very challenging.

They offered a positive spin:

"The need for ISC EAST is greater than ever and will be creating an event offering industry professionals from the Northeast an opportunity to: Gather and share how they dealt with the storm, Explore new technologies and products to help resecure the Northeast, Gain insight as to how our great security industry can work to resecure the Northeast."

While the hurricane has been devestating to the Northeast, it is not clear how security is a priority. The main needs are clearly electricity and gas, without which nothing can get back to normal, including the use of the many electronic security systems marketed at such a show.

Given that show attendance was poor before, plus the short notice and the higher priority problems people in the region face, the rescheduled ISC East 2012 could be a ghost town. On the other hand, maybe there will be a mini boom in security spending this winter if enough equipment has been damaged.

Trade Show Preferences

Recently, we conducted a survey of integrators asking them what months they preferred trade shows and overwhelmingly they preferred spring and fall:


Having the show at the end of November is clearly risky, even if it was not a last minute rescheduling and the region was not recovering from a disaster.