Is Retail On the Way Up?

By John Honovich, Published Jan 06, 2010, 07:00pm EST

After a difficult 2009, some signs indicate the retail market for security products may be turning around. New retail statistics released indicate Christmas sales were up year over year and projections for 2010 claim 3-4% growth in retail sales.

The US NRF 2010 'Big Show' [link no longer available] being held this month cites a 27% increase in retailers registering [link no longer available] for the convention compared to 2009. 

While 27% is significant, this is being contrasted to one of the lowest points in the recession where fear was at its peak. As such, this may reflect more of a return closer to historical rates than a surge to new heights.

Also notable is NRF mentioning that exhibitor registration has declined. This likely reflects decisions made in the middle of 2009 by vendors. The NRF post speculates that this may create a surge in visitors to the fewer exhibitors at the show. This will be interesting to see.

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