ipConfigure's VSaaS Offering Examined

Published Mar 17, 2011 04:00 AM
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In this note, we examine a new VSaaS offering, called Surveillance Cloud Service [link no longer available] from ipConfigure. While most VSaaS solutions are coming from new entrants to the surveillance market, ipConfigure's approach differs. ipConfigure is already an established VMS provider mainly focusing on the enterprise side of the market (review our ipConfigure VMS test results). By contrast, their new Surveillance Cloud offering is meant to be a complement for the smaller scale segment of the market (e.g., 1-4 cameras per site).

ipConfigure offers its VSaaS in two modes: (1) direct to ipConfigure with the recording/servers hosted by ipConfigure and (2) through their integrator partners who set up their own server/systems and can private label the offering. In the direct to ipConfigure model, customers can sign up online [link no longer available].

ipConfigure is offering 4 packages. The default recording is 6 fps, CIF continuous recording (with motion markers) for all packages though users can elect for higher resolution recording at no additional cost if upstream bandwidth is available. The packages and per camera pricing are:

  • $0.99 for live monitoring only
  • $9.99 for 7 days recording
  • $14.99 for 14 days recording
  • $29.99 for 30 days recording

The pricing is fairly similar to other VSaaS providers. The service does not include on-site storage nor analytics.

The service supports the same cameras [link no longer available] as ipConfigure's Enterprise Surveillance Manager offering including Arecont, Axis, IQinVision, Sony, Vivotek, etc. Axis cameras will make use of Axis 'One-click Connection' setup while other cameras will require manual network configuration for remote streaming.

Like ipConfigure's ESM offering, the client UI will be web based. However, the UI will be simplified, offering a live view matrix and thumbnail image/event search with single camera playback; However, no maps or LPR functionality is provided.