IP Video Close to Standards???

By John Honovich, Published Feb 19, 2009, 03:41am EST

Once a new technology gets media coverage, it's common to presume that it's immediately ready for prime time.  This week, a new article declares IP-based video close to standardization [link no longer available]. Unfortunately, the article never defines how close is close. 

At the same time, the article bemoans the lack of standards in traditional video surveillance. However, analog video does have standards - it's NTSC and PAL. They work very well -- demonstrated by the fact that no one ever thinks about compatability issues when dealing with fixed analog cameras. This is in stark contrast to IP cameras where integrators must continuously figure out what IP cameras work with what VMS systems, what firmware the IP camera is using, what software version the VMS is using and what issues you might have between the two.

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