Interlogix Releases a Cake

Published Mar 26, 2012 00:00 AM
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In a past millennium, historians tell us that Interlogix innovated digital surveillance solutions. Now, the once-proud brand has been reduced to trade show parlor tricks. Rather than dazzle us with great new technology, they confound us with an IP camera cake and a visit from a wannabe D list celebrity.

The lead promotion for Interlogix's ISC West exhibition is the "Cake Boss" as demonstrated on their website [link no longer available]:

IPVM Image

Alas, only 10 'lucky' people will get to meet this celebrity.

What This Says About Interlogix

Nothing says, "Our products are OEMed from China and have no real technology advantages" like pulling a show stunt like this. People who care about high-quality products and delivering innovation are not going to waste their time on the first day of the show gawking at a cake. It is too bad that the new Interlogix does not take a lesson from the 'original' one and spend their money on great products.

By the way, if Interlogix is going to pull a parlor trick, couldn't they choose a celebrity with better ratings? You know, Chumlee is just down the block.