How Well Do Integrators Know Their Stuff?

By IPVM Team, Published May 07, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Integrators, how well do you know your stuff?

We are expanding our industry leading quiz program to add 2 new quizzes, targeted at both integrator technical and sales people.

Members, you can take them below OR if you are a group admin you can assign quizzes to your co-workers to see how much they really know.

The sales quiz focuses on business and design fundamentals that any solid sales person should have. 

The tech quiz focuses on technology and install fundamentals that good technicians or integrators possess.

Anyone can take either quiz, we simply built these 2 quizzes around these common roles.

Testing Your Co-Workers

I strongly encourage you to assign these quizzes to your co-worker. Sure, you will take it and ace the quiz, but how much do your co-workers really know?

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