China Huawei Gives France Free City Surveillance

Author: John Honovich, Published on Feb 16, 2017

China is using its financial resources again, this time in France, just a month after the Chinese government funded a $100 million security / surveillance project in South America.

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Comments (21)

I cannot think of a reason not to take anyone up on a offer that could do so much good in helping authorities solve and/or deter criminal behavior. Of course this can be twisted to mean China is 'peeping on' the French. One would assume that the French have done their homework and have made a prudent decision based on fact instead of baseless innuendo generally saved for HIKVISION.

I cannot think of a reason not to take anyone up on a offer

Marty, call me old fashion but I believe it is an unacceptable risk to accept a safe city solution provided by an agent of a foreign, authoritative and often hostile government to our own.

Of course, you happily sell and install Hikvision to US military bases, so we are likely going to have to disagree here.

"If you're not paying for the product, you are the product."

Just my option on the subject.

Marty, not always is cheap/free a good deal. There are other factors beyond cost that many account for in their decision making.

The ability to protect and secure the city with zero tax dollars? Why not? These will be placed in public areas I would assume? What harm could come of that?

Considering that have more to worry about from the migrants coming in and most of France is one step away from Communism anyway I am not surprised .

The french are probably less scared of the Chinese than the Migrants and Islamic truck of Peace so Guess I cant fault them for it.

Either that or they setting a record for earliest surrender in history... again.

What a disgusting comment.

How so and which part?

France may be becoming more socialist in many ways... I haven't seen much to say they are becoming communist. Contrary to popular belief there is a difference.

Yes I am aware that why I said "one step away" as socialism is just left of communism.

But I am watching to see if they elect La Pen though..... would be very interesting to see how the rest of Europe would react.

I am sorry socialism is "right" not left of communism

Yes, and the goal of capitalism is oligarchy. It's very easy to say the next step of something is something far worse. Lenin created communism, not socialism. So of course he took it and directed it towards his own interests. Stalin took it a step further and turned it into a communist dictatorship, pushing Lenin aside.

Note to NSA: Not a socialist or a communist here, just a fan of history and alternate history fiction.

Now now I wasnt going to go there as people get very triggered when I talk about or joke about Politics my posts get deleted or edited...

But he started the democratic socialist party, you know like that Bernie sanders guy......

Don't worry about it. I think we have derailed this thread enough.

"You trained wolves to be sheepdogs?"

"They were a gift from the wolves. Who wouldn't take free stuff?"

Someone reads too much Dave Grossman!


As a french Citizen and working in the CCTV industry since more than 25 years, I'd like to say first that I'm quite surprise to see how you can mix security and politic. This is exactly what our politics do to scared french Citizen. Regarding this Free city surveillance offer I think you've to look over the security point, Huawei want to have a show room to develop their technology not only the CCTV part. Regards

#4, thanks for your first comment!

Huawei want to have a show room to develop their technology not only the CCTV part.

That would strike me as even more of a risk. Given the state of state sponsored cyber attacks, why would you accept an agent of a foreign government running your city's IP network?

I'm quite surprise to see how you can mix security and politic.

Security of cities is inherently political, even without the cyber security risk.

Guys let me clarify some points about communism and capitalism on behalf of a man who’s relatives came through all this history and now I am a witness of after-affects.

  1. Communism was not a bad idea as a starting point, the problem was in absolutely monstrous and warped implementation. As for the fundamental fails of communism I should mention equality. Equality among people is a myth and any tries to “pack” everybody in the exact same “box” resulted in revolution, oppression, blood and death. The idea to promote the best quickly fell to support the exact mediocrity. Of course, grade A people didn’t want to be treated like Cs thus many of them were killed and plenty moved abroad because Cs always outnumbered As.
  2. As for the capitalism, not bad at all UNLESS money is in control of the law which is unfortunately impossible to avoid. And now I live in something called neo-feudalism when some old people are in need to steal tea or bread because they are starving and government just doesn’t care. There is nothing these people possess thus they are not interesting to feudals and these people are judged and forced to prison because of 12 packets of tea. On the other side, some sons of oligarch driving luxury vehicles through a public bus stop killing several people and they are OK, because their parents can avoid any law because of MONEY. We even have a joke here: if you are able to steal – steal much enough to share with the law…

To sum up there have to be some sort of a system mix to avoid problems of both and promote benefits of both but nobody who is on the top wants any changes…

As for the China, Huawei and French city. Some questions for those who think that such demarche is a “gift” and such “gifts” are great:

How much does support of such system cost? Who will pay it regularly and where this money will go?

It is much like in the printing world – buy our cartridges and printer is for free…

How local manufacturers are motivated? Encouraged?

Without supporting of local manufacturing countries are doomed to become “banana republics” like Russia or Kazakhstan or pretty all Africa and several South America countries. We sell only mineral deposits and buy all the rest… The result will be very tragic but nobody think of it… China is buying any deposits (even water) then manufactures goods and sell them with great profits. Importing everything is killing local manufacturing leading any country to potential bankrupt. Former USSR countries are suffering from that for a long time. To give some facts USSR budget was filled with exporting raw materials only with 6% and Russia’s budget is dependent on mineral export with more than 68% right now. Where are we going? Nowhere…

Imagine how great it will be to give the opportunity to EU manufacturers to create new workplaces and support technology INSIDE without any dependency on China.

And the last one is security Risk. Is it possible for manufacturer to shut down the installation? Or are there any guarantees that this will not happen? Will China use such opportunity if it will be beneficial for them? Who REALLY control the security?

To get back to the original question, this may be coloured by the input of people like me who actually make, sell or install surveillance systems and would say "Hell no!" I believe that there may be a one or two other such people on this forum.

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