Do DVRs significantly limit the use of Megapixel Cameras?

Published Oct 01, 2009 00:00 AM
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While the megapixel camera use is growing quickly, they are still a distinct minority (probably less than 2% of overall cameras sold this year). Barriers to megapixel cameras expansion is a key issue for IP video businesses.

3xLogic, a hybrid DVR manufacturer offers an interesting statistic on the expansion of megapixel cameras. They claim that 80% of their systems deployed use at least 1 megapixel camera.

That's a surprisingly high percentage given that 3xLogic is a DVR manufacturer targeting retail and mid-market commercial buyers (not stadiums, education or airports where megapixel is more expected).

There are 3 main factors for this: (1) they support a range of 3rd party megapixel manufacturers, (2) they have their own software to support panormaric megapixel video and (3) they have a proprietary CODEC to make remote viewing of megapixel more manageable.

3xLogic is certainly not the only company optimizing for megapixel (we examine a number in our megapixel business case report). However, it is an interesting case to consider given that 3xLogic evolved from a traditional DVR supplier.