Does HDcctv's Reduced Latency Improve Surveillance?

Published Oct 14, 2009 00:00 AM
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The HDcctv Alliance has released their own YouTube Channel including a series of 8 videos that overview HDcctv.

A particularly interesting video is a demonstration of how minimal latency is when using an HDcctv camera. Visually there seems to be almost no latency (probably 500ms or lower, making it imperceptible). The video is embedded below:

Latency has two potential drawbacks: (1) making PTZ control unusable and (2) causing a delay in responding to an event. Of these two, the PTZ issue is a real concern. For response, even if the latency is a few seconds, it rarely makes any practical difference (unless a monitor is providing instructions to a responder on-scene and then only in a pursuit situation).

While HDcctv should reduce latency for their HD PTZ cameras, the benefit will be for local monitoring of systems. Any remote monitoring will still require compression of video and network transmission, just like an IP PTZ.