Home Surveillance Catches Idiot Deliveryman

Published Dec 20, 2011 00:00 AM
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This video is a great example of the value of home surveillance, the power of the Internet and a demonstration of sheer stupidity. Watch the 21 second clip:

The video quality and the frame rate are both quite strong. From the upload options, it appaers that the video was recorded at HD. Additionally, the positioning of the camera is good, capturing the whole front of the house.

The FedEx delivery person is caught pretty perfectly in the act, with both a clear face shot and the act of throwing the computer over the fence.

The only reservations to note are (1) this looks to be a high end home so it is not representative of every day surveillance use and (2) no information can be found yet about what type of system it is.

That said, a couple of important conclusions can be drawn:

  • The ability to use surveillance at home to solve practical problems is clearly increasing.
  • With 200,000 views in the first 24 hours from uploading, the video has gone 'viral' and is causing a huge problem for FedEx. UPDATE: In the following 12 hours, 2 million more views have occured - even more impressive.
  • How the delivery man did not notice the camera right in front of his face is quite surprising.