HD SDI DVR Provider Examined

By John Honovich, Published Jul 28, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

SSN featured a small DVR company offering HD SDI cameras (some similar features to HDcctv but not part of the HDcctv Alliance/standard). The company is SG Digital [link no longer available] but the website and the term they use are almost identical to the HDcctv Alliance. SG Digital is offering a proprietary / closed solution. Whether or not one is interested in non-IP megapixel, using a proprietary solution from a small manufacturer creates significant risk of being stuck with a dead-end /end of life product.

SG Digital offers 3 HD products, a 720p box camera, a 4 channel HD only DVR and 20 channel DVR (4 HD, 16 analog inputs).  The MSRP on the box camera is $1,067 USD, the 4 channel HD DVR is $5,097 USD and the 20ch 'hybrid' DVR is $6,052.

The pricing on the camera is fairly high relative to 720p/1.3MP IP cameras. Outside of cable savings, I do not the see the economic driver for this specific product. Contrast to Everfocus' HDcctv plans which do forecast significant product price decrease relative to IP.

Addendum: It was later disclosed that this company is an OEM of a Korean manufacturer who is a member of the HDcctv group.

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