Finding Out When People Change Jobs

By John Honovich, Published Nov 26, 2012, 12:00am EST

Want to know if a person has changed jobs? The most basic way is to check someone's LinkedIn profile or, if you are a contact, check your news feed. However, both are hit or miss, depending on you manually checking. It does not scale well nor is it efficient. Thankfully there is a plugin that does it for you automatically, called JobChangeNotifier.

[UPDATE 2013: This service shut down on July 15, 2013 due to LinkedIn API tightening. We found a replacement service that works just as well, called SaleLoft.]

There are 3 notable limitations:

  • Depends on people updating their LinkedIn profile with a new job
  • Only works with your LinkedIn connections.
  • If you add new connections later, you need to update who you want to track.

After that, each day at least one of your connections changes jobs, you get an email showing where they were working and where they are now, like so:

connection sample

Who's It For?

I think sales people will find the most value from it as they can find out which partners or customers are on the move.

I have used this for over a year and found it to be very valuable, especially when you see patterns (i.e., why have so many people left Intransa, etc.).

UPDATE: Try out SalesLoft.

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