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Published Jul 22, 2020 14:28 PM
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This global directory tracks 400+ articles about thermal cameras used to detect fevers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Articles are grouped into nine categories.

  • Global
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Oceania

The Global News Sources category includes articles from international news sources talking generally about the use of such cameras.

In the Global, U.S., and Canadian sections, the name of the news source (e.g. CBC) is included in the link, followed by a colon and the title of the article that mentions thermal cameras.

In the African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Oceanian sections, the name of the country where the news sources are located (e.g. Uruguay) is included in the link, followed by a colon and the title of the article that mentions thermal cameras.

NEW in July 2020

Brazil: Sale of Thermal Cameras in Brazil Skyrockets After COVID-19, July 6, 2020

The sales of thermal cameras, that measure body temperature, almost quintupled in May in Brazil, according to the in-country unit of Chinese [manufacturer] Dahua Technology.

Global News Sources

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ACLU: ACLU White Paper — Temperature Screening and Civil Liberties During an Epidemic, May 19, 2020

BBC: Can Thermal Cameras Help Spot Coronavirus?, June 9, 2020

BBC: Coronavirus: Will Offices Be Safe for a Return to Work?, May 7, 2020

BBC: Will Thermal Cameras Help to End the Lockdown?, April 30, 2020

The Economist: Taking People’s Temperatures Can Help Fight the Coronavirus, March 26, 2020

Medium: The Public Is Being Misled by Pandemic Technology That Won’t Keep Them Safe, May 22, 2020

NYT: As Coronavirus Surveillance Escalates, Personal Privacy Plummets, March 23, 2020

NYT: Employers Rush to Adopt Virus Screening. The Tools May Not Help Much., May 11, 2020

NYT: ‘Thermometer Guns’ on Coronavirus Front Lines Are ‘Notoriously Not Accurate’, February 14, 2020

Reuters: As Fever Checks Become the Norm in Coronavirus Era, Demand for Thermal Cameras Soars, April 9, 2020

Washington Post: Companies' Use of Thermal Cameras to Monitor the Health of Workers and Customers Worries Civil Libertarians, April 27, 2020

Washington Post: Thermal Scanners Are the Latest Technology Being Deployed to Detect the Coronavirus. But They Don't Really Work., May 11, 2020

WSJ: COVID-19 Raises Demand for Temperature Scanners, May 21, 2020

USA News Sources

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ABC: Virus Prompts Temperature Checks, Extra Cleaning at Airports, January 22, 2020

ABC 2 WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA): Six Flags Over Georgia Unveils New Safety Measures but No Reopening Date Yet, May 26, 2020

ABC 7 KABC (Los Angeles, CA): OC Neurological Practice Using Touchless Temperature Detection Cameras to Ward Off COVID-19, June 12, 2020

ABC 7 WJLA (Arlington, VA): Thermal Cameras Are Big Business in Battle with COVID-19 but Experts Raise Questions, May 14, 2020

ABC 7 WJLA (Arlington, VA): Why Thermal Scanners Could Be the Key to a Return of Mass Gatherings During the Pandemic, June 5, 2020

ABC 7 WJLA (Arlington, VA): Will Cameras That Measure Body Temp Become Common at Businesses & Events Due to COVID-19?, April 27, 2020

ABC 7 WKBW (Buffalo, NY): Local Businesses Turn to Thermal Cameras as a Means to Protect Customers and Employees, May 20, 2020

ABC 12 WISN (Milwaukee, WI): Infrared Scanners Check Customer Temperatures at Grocery Store, May 19, 2020

ABC 13 WHAM (Rochester, NY): Companies Purchasing Thermal Cameras to Detect Common COVID-19 Symptom, April 30, 2020

ABC 30 Action News (Fresno, CA): Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino Shows New Safety Measures Ahead of Re-opening, May 27, 2020

ABC KVUE (Austin, TX): Austin-based Company Creates Thermal Camera That Could Help Detect Coronavirus, March 22, 2020

The Advocate: Thermal Cameras Could Be Louisiana’s next Defense Against Coronavirus; Here’s How They Work, May 21, 2020

Al Monitor: Dubai Police Test Using Surveillance Cameras to Detect Coronavirus, May 19, 2020

Allwork.Space: Why Thermal Cameras Are a Waste of Money for Your Workplace, May 18, 2020, quotes a report from WIRED magazine:

Countries that set up checkpoints at ports to screen for fevers or other symptoms during SARS, Ebola, and swine flu outbreaks had little success at keeping out infectious people. What’s known about the novel coronavirus suggests temperature screening will have little impact during the much larger COVID-19 pandemic. FLIR Deploys EST Screening Solution at Pentagon to Fight COVID-19, June 3, 2020

Business Insider: An Indian Hospital Is Using Robots with Thermal Cameras to Screen Coronavirus Patients — Here's How They Work, May 9, 2020

Business Insider: Offices are buying thermal cameras with facial recognition to see if employees are running a fever — and the demand for the cameras is skyrocketing as companies plan to reopen, April 30, 2020

CBS: Thermal Imaging Cameras Could Play "Critical Role" in Keeping People Safe from COVID-19, April 28, 2020

CBS (Austin, TX): Are Thermal Cameras to Measure Fever an Invasion of Privacy?, May 13, 2020

CBS 2 (Chicago, IL): La Grange Company Develops New Touchless System To Check Temperatures, April 28, 2020 (Note: Dubak is not the developer, they are a Sunell relabeller.)

CBS 4 WBZ (Boston, MA): Coronavirus Fight: Thermal Imaging Cameras In Demand For Fever Detection, April 22, 2020

CBS 4 WBZ (Boston, MA): Thermal Camera System Helps Keep Apartment Residents Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic, May 4, 2020

CBS 8 WVLT (Knoxville, TN): Could Businesses Start Using Thermal Imaging on Customers?, April 28, 2020

CBS 11 THV (Little Rock, AR): Thermal Camera Donated to Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club to Screen Kids for Fever, May 19, 2020

CBS 12 KWCH (Wichita, KS): Bars, Nightclubs Among Local Businesses Now Cleared to Reopen, May 27, 2020

CBS 13 WJZ (Baltimore, MD): Infrared Scanner Helps Padonia Park Club Screen Visitors for Fever Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, June 8, 2020

CNET: COVID-19 Could Set a New Norm for Surveillance and Privacy, May 11, 2020

Cruise Fever: Carnival Cruise Line Will Use Infrared Cameras for Passenger/Crew Screening, June 1, 2020

Detroit Free Press: Thermal Cameras May Become Bigger Part of Autoworkers' Lives, May 23, 2020

Digital Journal: AI-based Fever Detection Cameras for Crowds Launched, April 19, 2020 Military Technologies Will Help Detect People Suspected of Covid-19 in Agglomerations, May 26, 2020

Fast Company: Thermal Cameras Are Terrible at Exposing COVID-19. Here's Why Companies Are Buying Them Anyway, May 14, 2020

Feed Leader: AI-Powered Fever Detection Camera Offers Solution to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19, May 20, 2020

FierceElectronics: Crowd Temp Screening Is a Joke, One Tech Expert Says, May 27, 2020, a quote from MoviTHERM, a developer of thermography inspection solutions,

There is no viable crowd scanning solution available today--as defined by more than one person in the image being scanned simultaneously--that can properly measure elevated body temperatures.

Findbiometrics: DERMALOG Biometric Fever Detection Camera Deployed at Major Shopping Mall, May 25, 2020

Forbes: Startup Uses Fever Detection Technology To Stop Spread of Coronavirus, March 20, 2020

Forbes: This Chinese Phone Has A Thermal Camera For Coronavirus Temperature Checks, May 22, 2020

Fortune: Focusing on Fevers: Thermal-imaging Tech Is on the Rise. Can It Help Fight the Coronavirus?, April 20, 2020

Fortune: What Will the Post-Pandemic Workplace Look Like? Europe Offers a Creepy Glimpse, May 23, 2020

Fox News: As America Reopens, Fever-Screening Technology Touted As Promising Tool, June 4, 2020

FOX 4 WDAF (Kansas City, MO): Metro Company Partners to Install Thermal Cameras, in Effort to Slow Spread of COVID-19, June 2, 2020

FOX 9 KMSP (Minneapolis, MN): Minneapolis Company Behind Thermal Cameras That Can Check for a Fever in Half a Second, May 27, 2020

FOX 10 (Mobile, AL): Fever Detecting Cameras Coming to Government Plaza, May 11, 2020

FOX 17 (Nashville, TN): Thermal Cameras Are Big Business in Battle With COVID-19 but Experts Raise Questions, May 14, 2020

Futurism: Amazon Buys Thermal Cameras to Scan Workers for Fevers, April 30, 2020

Governing: Louisiana to Use Thermal Cameras to Ease COVID-19 Concerns, May 22, 2020

Habitat Magazine (New York, NY): Thermal Scan in the Lobby Reduces a Co-op’s Anxiety, May 27, 2020

Hickory Daily Record (Hickory, NC): Can a Security Camera Help Detect Virus? Temperature Scans May Be the New Normal, Griffith Says, May 31, 2020

The Hill: Airports Test Thermal Cameras, Sanitation Booths and Other Technologies to Mitigate Coronavirus, May 14, 2020

HIT Consultant: New AI-Based Fever Detection Cameras for Crowds Help Limit Coronavirus Spread, April 6, 2020

HuffPost: Whole Foods Splurged on Expensive Thermal Imaging Cameras, but Employees Question Their Effectiveness, May 12, 2020

Interesting Engineering: Thermal Cameras at Airports: The Future of Travel and Airport Health Security, May 28, 2020

Journal-News (Butler County, OH): Butler County Jail Adds Camera to Take Body Temperature During Coronavirus Concerns, April 27, 2020

KHOU 11 (Houston, TX): Houston Company's Thermal Imaging Technology Especially Useful During COVID-19 Pandemic, May 11, 2020

KOB 4 (Albuquerque, NM): COVID-19: Albuquerque Tech Startup Sells Temperature Cameras to Business, May 3, 2020

KTLA 5 (Los Angeles, CA): Thermal Imaging Cameras like This Might Scan You for a Fever the next Time You Walk into Work or a Business, April 29, 2020

Las Vegas Review Journal: Thermal Cameras LatestEyes in the Skyat Las Vegas Casinos, May 30, 2020

Local 12 (Cincinnati, OH): Thermal Imaging Cameras Could Play 'Critical Role' in Keeping People Safe From COVID-19, April 30, 2020

Local News 8 (Idaho Falls, ID): Restaurant Sets Up Thermal-imaging Camera to Scan Peoples' Temperatures, May 18, 2020

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal: Punching Into Work? This Time Clock Will Take Your Temperature, Too, May 26, 2020

MSN: Companies, Governments Spending Thousands on Thermal Cameras Amid COVID-19, but Do They Work?, June 12, 2020

My Everett News (Everett, WA): Paine Field Installs High Tech Fever Detector, April 29, 2020

The National Interest: Are Thermal Cameras Effective in Combating the Coronavirus?, May 28, 2020

NBC: 'Fever detection' Cameras to Fight Coronavirus? Experts Say They Don't Work, March 28, 2020

NBC 2 WBBN (Fort Myers, FL): Want a Haircut? You’ll Have to Pass a Test First, June 2, 2020

NBC 4 (New York, NY): Hackensack Hospital Hankers Down on Hygiene, May 22, 2020

NBC 5 WLWT (Cincinnati, OH): Cincinnati-Based Company Helping Ohio Safely Reopen With Thermal Imaging, May 26, 2020

NBC 13 WTHR (Indianapolis, IN): IU Health Adds Technology to Detect Fever upon Arrival, April 28, 2020

NBC 13 WTHR (Indianapolis, IN): Thermal Scan Required Before Clocking In at Greenfield Plant, June 18, 2020

NBC 15 (Mobile, AL): Thermal Cameras Are Big Business in Battle with COVID-19 but Experts Raise Questions, May 14, 2020

NBC 41 KSHB (Kansas City, MO): Business Sees Increase in Sales of Temperature-Taking Security Cameras, June 4, 2020

NBC KSNW (Wichita, KS): It’s Time’: Some Old Town Businesses Decide to Re-Open Despite Sedgwick County Recommendations, May 27, 2020

New York Real Estate Journal: Sanico USA Deploys SensiTemp to Help Employers Combat Unsafe Work Environments Due to COVID-19, May 15, 2020

NYT: A.C.L.U. Warns Against Fever-Screening Tools for Coronavirus, May 19, 2020

The Oklahoman: OKC Theme Park Debuts New No-Contact Screening Tech, June 18, 2020

PCMag: Athena Says Its Cameras Can Detect 1,000 COVID-19 Infections an Hour, March 23, 2020

Penn Bets: Is Casino Checking Your Temperature? It All Depends, and Maybe You Don’t Know It, June 18, 2020

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Caffe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill Takes CustomersTemperatures With a Thermal Camera, June 18, 2020

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Countries Around World Gear up Response to New Coronavirus, January 21, 2020

Retail Customer Experience: Temperature Check Kiosks Ready to Tackle COVID-19, May 27, 2020

Reuters: General Motors Taps Flir Systems for Fever Check Cameras at Factories, May 7, 2020

Science The Wire: Why Fever-Detecting Drones Won’t Help Spot Potential COVID-19 Patients, May 23, 2020

Slate: Future Tense Newsletter: Fever-Detecting Drones Will Not Save Us, May 23, 2020

Slate: Fever-Detecting Drones Don’t Work, May 20, 2020

Slate: What Is the Point of Temperature Checks?, May 20, 2020

Spectrum News (Charlotte, NC): Restaurant to Use Thermal Imaging for Temperature Checks, May 20, 2020

Spectrum News (Charlotte, NC): Triad Tech Company Distributes Thermal Cameras to Meet High Demand, April 24, 2020

St. Louis Business Journal: What Companies Should Know Before Implementing Thermal Imaging As Workers Return to Businesses, June 10, 2020, a quote from Alex Wasson:

[P]otential users should beware of a growing trend of misinformation on the topic. While thermal imaging is a powerful technology when applied correctly, these cameras are not approved for fever screening, and cannot be relied upon as a stand-alone solution.

TechRepublic: Infrared AI Cameras Could Help Spot Coronavirus Carriers at Polling Places, March 19, 2020

Teton Gravity Research: Aiguille du Midi Tram Installs Infrared Cameras to Screen for COVID-19, May 24, 2020

Texas Medical Center: Taking Your Temperature With a Thermal Scanner, Through COVID-19 and Beyond, May 14, 2020

US DoD: Department Uses Thermal Imaging to Detect COVID-19, May 6, 2020

USA Today: Las Vegas' Venetian Resort Will Utilize Thermal Cameras, Medics When It Reopens, April 28, 2020

The Verge: Amazon Using Thermal Cameras at Some Warehouses to Scan Workers for Fevers, April 18, 2020

Vice: Surveillance Company Says It's Deploying 'Coronavirus-Detecting' Cameras in US, March 17, 2020

Vox: The Pandemic Could Change Air Travel Forever, May 27, 2020

Washington Post: In Russia, Facial Surveillance and Threat of Prison Being Used to Make Coronavirus Quarantines Stick, March 24, 2020

WIRED: Can You Use an Infrared Camera to Detect a Fever?, April 9, 2020

WIRED: Infrared Cameras Can Spot a Fever, but May Not Slow Covid-19, May 11, 2020

WKSU 89.7 (Kent, OH): How Drones Are Being Used to Stop the Spread of COVID-19, May 25, 2020

WSJ: Travel Industry Automates Pandemic Response With New Digital Tools, May 3, 2020

WSJ: TSA Preparing to Check Passenger Temperatures at Airports Amid Coronavirus Concerns, May 15, 2020

Canada News Sources

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BNN Bloomberg: ‘Wild West’ Awaits Companies Trying to Balance Virus Risks, Laws, June 2, 2020

CBC: Police in Colombia Using Drones to Detect People Flouting Coronavirus Quarantine, May 20, 2020

CTV: Fever Detecting Thermal Cameras Getting Installed Around Waterloo Region, May 13, 2020

CTV: Island School Installs Thermal Camera Ahead of Reopening, May 30, 2020

CTV: More COVID-19 Cases, Testing Positive 47 Days, Thermal Cameras: Top Stories of the Week, May 17, 2020

CTV: COVID-19: Quebec Company Uses Thermal Cameras to Detect Employee Fevers, May 14, 2020

CTV: This Vancouver Store Now Has the Technology to Check Your Temperature While You Shop, May 3, 2020

Global News: Coronavirus: Canadian Employers Using Thermal Cameras, Location-tracking Smartphone Apps Against COVID-19, May 10, 2020

Global News: Coronavirus: McMaster Alumni Testing Thermal Screening Device at Hamilton Grocery Store, April 29, 2020

Global News: Vancouver Liquor Store Turns to Thermal Cameras as COVID-19 Defence, May 3, 2020

Kitchener Today (Kitchener, ON): Cambridge Memorial Using Thermal Cameras for Added Layer of Protection, May 24, 2020

La Presse: A Thermal Camera in an IGA, May 3, 2020

La Presse: Daily Life Turned Upside Down in the Mines, June 1, 2020

La Presse: Thermal Camera and Facial Recognition: The Monday Morning Fever, May 11, 2020

Le Canada Français: New Security Measure in the Time of COVID-19, May 29, 2020

Métro: Thermal Cameras to Target Feverish Persons, May 20, 2020, quotes from the president of iMotion Sécurité:

The temperature is generally taken from the face and specifically at the corner of the eye. It's the only place that's not contaminated by external elements, like the sun.

It's not an image that allows us to determine who is this individual..., but it allows us to evaluate when someone who has just entered the premises is feverish.

Northern Ontario Business: The New Norm? Mines in Sudbury Testing COVID Cameras That Detect Fever-level Temperatures, May 1, 2020

Screen Rant: Are Thermal Cameras the Answer to Reopening Society & the Economy, May 2, 2020 (Vancouver, BC): Value on Liquor Store Scans Body Temperatures with Thermal Camera to Keep Staff and Customers Safe in South Vancouver, May 2, 2020, a quote from the article:

If anyone shows up at the 7,000-square-foot liquor store with a fever, this will be explained to them and they'll be politely asked to leave.

TVA: When Your Temperature Is Monitored at the Grocery Store..., May 2, 2020

WorldAtlas: Companies That Produce COVID-19 Temperature Scanners, May 23, 2020

Africa News Sources

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Algeria: Algeria: Air France Will Monitor the Temperature of Travelers on Its Flights, May 11, 2020

Algeria: Resumption of Flights Between Algeria and France: Airlines and Airports Get Ready, May 2, 2020

Cameroon: Cameroon:: Douala Airport: Coronavirus, Passengers Monitored with a Laser Thermometer:: Cameroon, January 28, 2020

Cameroon: Cameroon Installs Thermal Cameras in Airports to Prevent the Coronavirus Epidemic in China, February 7, 2020

Camerooon: Coronavirus: The Device at Douala Airport Reinforced, March 11, 2020

Cameroon: Coronavirus: Device Inaugurated at Douala Airport, March 10, 2020

Cameroon: Coronavirus - Nsimalen Airport: The Health Minister Tests the Protection Device, March 2, 2020

Cameroon: Coronavirus: A Prevention System at Yaoundé-Nsimalen Airport Is Installed by the Cameroonian Government, February 7, 2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kasaï Oriental: Installation of Coronavirus Detection Materials at the Mbuji-Mayi Airport, February 12, 2020

Ghana: Temperature Checks Alone Aren’t Effective in Stopping COVID-19 Spread, May 25, 2020

Ivory Coast: Coronavirus: In Case of Emergency, the Ivory Coast Is Ready, February 2, 2020

Ivory Coast: Explosion in the Number of People Infected with COVID-19: Amadou Gon Explains, June 2, 2020

Ivory Coast: Fight Against COVID-19: The Government Receives 55 Tons of Medical Materials, April 10, 2020

Ivory Coast: Fight Against COVID-19: Young Entrepreneurs Bring Forward Drones Made in the Ivory Coast to Fight Against the Pandemic, April 4, 2020

Kenya: BM Security Introduces Technology to Detect COVID-19 Pandemic, March 19, 2020

Mauritius: CEB: Thermal Camera and Alphabetical Order, May 16, 2020

Morocco: Coronavirus: Moroccan Companies Install Thermal Cameras, March 15, 2020

Morocco: COVID-19/Morocco: Wydad Casablanca Will Equip the Mohamed Benjelloun Complex with a Thermal Gateway, May 19, 2020

Morocco: Ivory Coast: Moroccan Drones Against the Coronavirus, April 13, 2020

Morocco: Video. Wydad Casablanca Is Outfitted with a Thermal Security Booth, a First in Africa, May 19, 2020

Senegal: Coronavirus: Monitoring at Dakar's Airport, January 31, 2020

Senegal: Senegal Faces the Challenge of COVID-19, March 14, 2020

Senegal: Sterilization Gates Installed: Saudi Arabia Announces the Opening of Mecca...(photos), May 8, 2020, the lead from the article:

The General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet have inaugurated advanced auto-sterilization portals that sterilize people with an antiseptic spray and are equipped with thermal cameras to detect temperatures at a distance of six meters and a smart screen to read the temperatures, where the temperatures of several people can be read simultaneously. [Emphasis added.]

South Africa: Datacentrix Smart Fever Screening Solutions Help SA Industries Returning to Work, May 5, 2020

South Africa: DriveRisk Stays Safe with High-tech Thermal Camera Solution, May 21, 2020

South Africa: Perspectives from Kenya and Ghana on Coronavirus Preparations, January 28, 2020

Asia News Sources

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Brunei: Mosques Use Smart Helmets to Detect Fever Among Worshippers, May 28, 2020

China: Buenos Aires Buses Install Chinese Thermal Cameras to Prevent COVID-19, June 12, 2020

China: Chinese Startup Rokid Sees Opportunity with COVID-fighting Smart Glasses, May 1, 2020

China: Feature: Argentine Capital Installs China-Made Infrared Cameras to Curb COVID-19, June 12, 2020

China: SPECIAL: Buenos Aires Buses Install Chinese Thermal Cameras to Prevent COVID-19, June 12, 2020

Hong Kong: PerfectPrime Unleashes World's First Handheld Thermal Camera Design for Fever Detection with 0.3 Degree Celsius (0.6 Degree Fahrenheit) Accuracy and Under $500 US Dollars, May 7, 2020

India: AI-Based Fever Screening System Installed in Vizag, May 31, 2020

India: Coronavirus: Shashi Tharoor Procures Thermal Camera with Face Detection Tech for Fever Screening in Kerala, May 2, 2020

India: COVID-19: Fever Screening Goes Hi-tech amid Coronavirus Crisis, May 13, 2020

India: COVID-19: Saudi Arabia Installs Thermal Cameras at the Great Mosque of Mecca, April 29, 2020

India: Defence Tech Trains Big Guns at COVID Screening, June 7, 2020

India: Fight Against COVID-19: IIT Kanpur Develops Advanced Disinfectant Tunnel With Three Levels Of Sanitisation, May 26, 2020

India: Indian Employers Are Using the Pandemic as an Excuse to Surveil Their Workers Even More, June 17, 2020

India: Kerala Gets First Thermal Camera with Face Detection for Fever Screening Through Shashi Tharoor, May 3, 2020

India: Mumbai: AI Based Cameras Installed at CSMT, LTT to Screen Passengers, June 13, 2020

India: Thermal Camera with Face Detection Tech for Fever Screening Procured in Kerala, May 2, 2020

India: Two IIT-B Startups Design Temperature Sensors to Detect COVID Suspects in a Crowd, June 1, 2020

India: Why Fever-Detecting Drones Won’t Help Spot Potential COVID-19 Patients, May 23, 2020

Indonesia: Perspex Screens, Fever Checks Offer Spain Cafes Route to Reopen, April 27, 2020

Japan: Tokyo's Popular Toyosu Market Reopened to Public, June 8, 2020

Malaysia: US Airports Are Testing Thermal Cameras and Other Technology to Screen Travellers for COVID-19, May 18, 2020

Thailand: ASIA - FRANCE: Fever Detection at Charles de Gaulle Airport Will Be Carried Out by Thermal Cameras, May 15, 2020

Europe News Sources

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Austria: Amazon Is Looking for Feverish Employees With a Thermal Imager, April 18, 2020

Austria: How the Coronavirus Is Hunted with Thermal Imaging Cameras at the Airport, January 23, 2020

Belgium: The Atomium Reopens Its Doors to the Public With Special Measures: “We Installed a Thermal Camera” (Video), June 1, 2020

Belgium: Charleroi Airport: Total Disinfection and Thermal Camera, May 27, 2020

Belgium: Coronavirus in Châtelet: Aperam Systematically Monitors Its Employees' Temperatures, April 26, 2020

Belgium: IR Camera Automates Fever Detection, May 29, 2020

Belgium: A Mons-based Company Installs a Camera That Automatically Takes Your Temperature, April 23, 2020

Belgium: Philippe Verdonck, the Director of Charleroi Airport: "If Your Temperature is Higher Than 38 Degrees, You Will Not Get on an Airplane", May 23, 2020

Belgium: Reopening of the Charleroi Airport: Thermal Cameras to Monitor Passengers' Temperatures, May 22, 2020

Belgium: The Boom of Cameras that Detect Fever, May 12, 2020

France: Africa Prepares to Face the Coronavirus, January 29, 2020

France: An Awareness Arc Made Entirely in Herault, June 1, 2020

France: Intelligent Cameras That Detect Fever, April 6, 2020

France: Coronavirus: Thermal Cameras to Detect Potential COVID-19 Patients, May 5, 2020

France: Coronavirus: Thermal Cameras to Detect Sick People, May 6, 2020

France: Coronavirus: This Company Distributes a Surveillance Camera That Detects Fever, May 6, 2020

France: Visionaute Installs a Mobile Terminal to Detect Fever, May 6, 2020

France: How to Contactlessly Measure Body Temperature and Thus Detect Fever?, May 9, 2020

France: In Aveyron, Cameras to Take the Temperature of Students Returning to School, May 12, 2020

France: In Cameroon, the State of the Health System Hampers the Preparatory Efforts Against COVID-19, March 4, 2020

France: In Rennes, Thermal Cameras Monitor the Temperature of Visitors to the Shopping Mall, May 19, 2020

France: Loire-Atlantique: Cameras to Measure Employee Temperatures, May 4, 2020

France: Marseille: COVID-19 in the Crosshairs of Thermal Cameras at the European Hospital, May 8, 2020

France: Reversing the Lockdown in Nantes. Will We Monitor Our Temperature in Public Places?, May 22, 2020

France: Saint-Paul: A Thermal Camera at School to Measure the Temperature of Children and Adults, May 29, 2020

France: Thanks to a Thermal Camera, This Hospital Is Able to Detect Patients Who Have a Fever at Its Entrance, May 9, 2020

France: A Thermal Camera at the Entrance to a School in Limoges, May 24, 2020

France: Thermal Camera to Prevent the Spread of Viruses, April 27, 2020

France: Thermal Cameras Installed at Charles de Gaulle Airport to Fight Against the Virus, May 15, 2020

France: Thermal Cameras to Detect Fever? The Mosellans of Procedo Install Them, May 12, 2020

France: Thermal Cameras to Measure Temperatures in Yvelines, June 1, 2020

France: VIDEO. At Charles de Gaulle Airport, Thermal Cameras to Detect Passengers' Fever, May 9, 2020

France: Worrisome Technologies That Have Invaded the Working World Due to the Pandemic, May 25, 2020

Germany: Contactless Fever Measurement With the Dermalog Camera, May 8, 2020

Germany: Corona Crisis: Merchants Rely on Fever Check, May 28, 2020

Germany: Edeka Market Removes Fever Camera After Complaints, April 17, 2020

Germany: Fever Measurement With Thermographic Cameras: “You Can’t Come in Here, May 5, 2020

Germany: Group Fever Measurement: Diepholz Company Sells Special Thermal Imaging Cameras, March 26, 2020

Germany: Paris: Airport Wants to Recognize Corona with Thermal Imaging Cameras, May 22, 2020

Germany: Searching for Corona with Thermal Cameras, May 22, 2020

Germany: Supermarket Scanned CustomersBody TemperatureAnd Sent Them Away in the Event of a Fever, April 17, 2020

Germany: Thermal Imaging Camera for Corona Detection Test in Hof, March 27, 2020

Germany: Thermal Imaging Camera for Prevention in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Clinic, April 7, 2020

Germany: What Data Do I Have to Disclose in the Times of Coronavirus?, March 14, 2020

Germany: When the Bouncer Can Now Measure Fever, April 23, 2020

Germany: With Thermal Imaging Cameras at the Istanbul Airport Hub, January 24, 2020

Ireland: Carlow-Based Xenon Raises €1M for Temperature Testing Device, June 1, 2020

Ireland: The COVID-Era Workplace: Thermal Imaging, Self-Sanitising Door Handles, and People-Flow Sensors, May 28, 2020

Ireland: Mercury Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge with Fever-screening Cameras, April 7, 2020

Italy: Coronavirus: An Operations Center Will Monitor Fevers, SPEE's New Frontier for "Phase 2", April 27, 2020

Italy: Coronavirus, Measure Employee Fevers? The Privacy Argument Begins, March 10, 2020

Italy: How Thermoscanners Work and How Reliable Are They, May 18, 2020

Italy: Phase 2: Apps and Thermal Cameras to Map the Contagion, April 9, 2020

Portugal: Thermal Camera Helps Monitor COVID-19 at the Workplace, June 3, 2020

Russia: Coronavirus to Open Ocean of Mass Temperature Measurement Devices for KOMZ? May 19, 2020

Russia: Mobotix: Thermal Imager Sales Up 500%, May 7, 2020

Russia: The Production of Thermal Imagers Will Be Launched in Tatarstan, May 7, 2020

Russia: Rostelecom Installed Thermal Imagers for the Alrosa Mining Company, April 29, 2020

Spain: The Alarm That Corrals Fever, May 2, 2020

Spain: 'Boom' for Thermal Cameras in Businesses and Stores, and Many Are Useless, May 11, 2020

Spain: Cameras and Thermal Fever Detection Solutions, June 16, 2020

Spain: Can Our Temperatures Be Monitored at Work and in Public Spaces?, May 25, 2020

Spain: The Caves of Nerja Reopen With a Third Capacity and Temperature Control, June 1, 2020

Spain: Escribano Produces a Thermal Camera to Detect Fever, Verify Mask Usage, and Measure the Social Distance Between People, April 30, 2020

Spain: The Fuencaliente City Hall Installs a Temperature Detection Arc to Guarantee the Safety of Workers and Users, June 20, 2020

Spain: Fuencaliente, Pioneer in the Installation of an Arc That Measures Temperature, June 20, 2020

Spain: Here Is How a Thermal Camera Can Help Control the Propagation of Coronavirus among Health Professionals, May 15, 2020

Spain: Hikvision Donates Its Thermal Technology to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Hospital, April 16, 2020, a quote from Hikvision:

Hikvision, as a leading player in the security industry and in accordance with our corporate values, is working to create a safer world through technology. Now is the moment for everyone, people, organizations, and companies, to bring forth our grain of sand and help however we can. And in this thread, for us it is tremendously satisfactory to be able to collaborate with a leading organization like the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Hospital.

Spain: How Do Thermal Cameras Work and What Requirements Must Be Met to Make Them Effective? May 12, 2020

Spain: The Irizar Group Possesses Cameras That Detect Fever in Their Buses, May 26, 2020

Spain: Lleida City Hall Installs a Thermal Camera in Its Sports Pavilion, April 29, 2020, a quote from the city's first deputy to the mayor and urbanism consultant:

It is a good opportunity to be able to integrate the functionality of this technology in the City Hall, given that once the health emergency has been overcome, it will serve for other day-to-day uses.

Spain: The Málaga Railway Cluster Is Already Developing a Security R&D to Combat COVID-19, June 8, 2020

Spain: Ports.-Coronavirus.-The Port of Algeciras Installs Thermal Cameras in the Passenger Terminal, May 26, 2020

Spain: Robots Also Adapt to the World of COVID-19, June 2, 2020

Spain: Specifications for the Use of Thermal Cameras in the Fight Against COVID-19, May 22, 2020

Spain: The Suitability Dilemma of Temperature Controls at Workplaces and Public Spaces, May 25, 2020

Spain: A Thermal Camera Works Like a Large Thermometer at the Entrances of IFEMA, April 14, 2020, quotes from Dahua:

Because we saw the large daily inflow of persons, including nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, technicians, and others, and we thought that they all should be protected.

The system is operative and effective and works automatically. If it registers an abnormal temperature it sounds an alarm and alerts the control system and the security protocol is carried out.

Spain: Thermal Cameras for Restricting Access to People with Fevers Can Entail "Illegitimate" Data Management, Reminds the Spanish Data Protection Agency, May 23, 2020

Spain: The Thermal Cameras That Companies Are Installing to Stop the Coronavirus Are Not Infalliable: They Can Be Hacked with Cold Water, Masks or Light Reflections, May 11, 2020

Spain: Thermal Cameras That Detect Skiers' Fever Are Installed in Aiguille du Midi, May 22, 2020

Spain: Thermal Cameras Turn People with Fevers into Pariahs, May 16, 2020

Spain: Thermal Cameras Stop COVID-19, but Is It Legal to Use Them?, May 11, 2020

Spain: Thermal Cameras: Videosurveillance Erupts Into Our Lives and Triples Its Market in a Decade, June 1, 2020

Spain: This Is How Cameras That Are Capable of Detecting Fever Work, May 28, 2020

Spain: This Is How Thermal Cameras That Detect Body Temperature Work, May 28, 2020

Spain: What Can a Thermal Camera or a Fever Checkpoint in Shops and Business Do Against the Coronavirus and How Is the Data Obtained Managed?, May 5, 2020

Spain: The Zaragoza City Hall Installs Thermal Cameras in Three Public Buildings, June 5, 2020

Switzerland: Hospitals in Lucerne and Nidwalden Slightly Ease the Ban on Visits, April 17, 2020

Switzerland: Surveillance Helmet from China Is Said to Measure Fever, May 18, 2020

United Kingdom: Amazon Buys Heat-sensing Cameras from Blacklisted Chinese Firm, April 29, 2020

United Kingdom: Army Using Military Thermal Imaging Technology to Assess Potential Virus Infections, May 26, 2020

United Kingdom: Avoira Combatting Spread of COVID-19 With Smart Temperature Cameras, June 16, 2020

United Kingdom: Bromsgrove Firm's Body Temperature Reader Could Help in Coronavirus Fight, May 15, 2020

United Kingdom: Bournemouth Airport is the First in the Country to Trial Thermal Cameras, April 30, 2020

United Kingdom: Bury Tech Firm Launches Thermal Cameras to Help Fight Coronavirus, May 12, 2020

United Kingdom: Businesses Begin Adding Thermal Imaging Cameras to Screen Customers for Fevers as More States Reopen, April 28, 2020

United Kingdom: Cheshire Company’s Temperature Eye-Scanner Could Get Britain Back to Work, June 8, 2020

United Kingdom: China to Roll Out Temperature-Taking Infrared Cameras, March 31, 2020

United Kingdom: Chinese Police Wear Smart Helmets Equipped with Ai-powered Infrared Cameras to Detect Pedestrians with Fevers as They Patrol the Streets amid Coronavirus Crisis, March 4, 2020

United Kingdom: Coronavirus: Amazon Using Thermal Cameras to Detect COVID-19, April 20, 2020

United Kingdom: Coronavirus: Portsmouth Port Installs Thermal Camera, May 22, 2020

United Kingdom: COVID-19 Thermal Imaging Cameras Set to Be Trialled in Birmingham, June 1, 2020

United Kingdom: Creepy Technologies Invade European Post-Pandemic Workplaces, May 20, 2020

United Kingdom: Deep Cleaning and Fever Testing Technology Amongst Safety Measures to Be Used in Schools, June 4, 2020

United Kingdom: Demand for Thermal Cameras Soars as Corporations Plan Mass Screenings for Coronavirus Symptoms in Factories and Offices, April 10, 2020

United Kingdom: Enfield School Installs Thermal Camera to Screen Children for Coronavirus, May 22, 2020

United Kingdom: Facial Recognition System Adapted to Spot Coronavirus Victims, April 27, 2020

United Kingdom: Fever-Screening Cameras Offer an Instant Warning of Coronavirus Risk, May 28, 2020

United Kingdom: Fever Surveillance ‘To Become as Common as CCTV’, April 15, 2020

United Kingdom: First UK Airport Finally Gets Fever Detection Camera to Screen Passengers, April 29, 2020

United Kingdom: Flir Q1 Thermal Camera Orders for Fever Screening Jump, May 7, 2020

United Kingdom: Heathrow Airport Will Trial Thermal Imaging Facial Recognition Cameras, Ultra-violet Sanitation and Contactless Security Measures in Bid to Spot Passengers Carrying Coronavirus, May 6, 2020

United Kingdom: Heathrow Introduces Temperature Checks for Passengers Arriving in the UK, May 21, 2020

United Kingdom: Hikvision Fever Screening Thermal Solutions to Help in Fight Against COVID-19, April 1, 2020

United Kingdom: Hospital to Use Thermal Camera to Detect Coronavirus, June 12, 2020

United Kingdom: Hospital Uses Thermal Surveillance Cameras to Protect Patients Against Second Wave of COVID-19, June 12, 2020

United Kingdom: The Londoner: Thermal Screening Is the Hottest Topic at BBC, May 27, 2020

United Kingdom: Mercury Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge with Fever-screening Cameras, April 7, 2020

United Kingdom: News: Heathrow Launches Thermal Screening Technology Trial, May 22, 2020

United Kingdom: Pair’s Fever-Screening Cameras Offer an Instant Warning of Coronavirus Risk, May 26, 2020

United Kingdom: Perth company Balhousie Care introduces thermal imaging cameras to reduce spread of COVID-19, June 2, 2020

United Kingdom: Portsmouth 'First Port in UK' to Install Thermal Cameras for Passenger Testing, May 23, 2020

United Kingdom: Pub Chain InstallsFever Camerasat Westfield Site Ahead of July Reopening, June 19, 2020

United Kingdom: Sales of Thermal Imaging Cameras ‘that Can Spot Fevers’ Soar, March 28, 2020

United Kingdom: SCC Trials Thermal Fever Detection Technology at Bournemouth Airport, April 29, 2020

United Kingdom: Thermal Fever Detection Technology Installed at Bournemouth Airport, May 1, 2020

United Kingdom: Thermal Image Monitoring Could Be the Future of Air Travel, June 9, 2020

United Kingdom: Thermal Imaging to Be Used at Sixways As Worcester Warriors Prepare to Return to Action, June 16, 2020

United Kingdom: Things to Consider When Using Thermal Imaging for Temperature Screening, May 12, 2020

United Kingdom: Vodafone Aids COVID-19 Fight with Added Capacity for NHS Scotland, and Introduces IoT Thermal Camera, May 14, 2020

United Kingdom: Vodafone Installs Infrared Cameras and Launches Thermal Imaging Device, May 4, 2020

United Kingdom: Vodafone Launches Heat-detecting Camera to Protect Offices from COVID-19, May 4, 2020

Latin America News Sources

IPVM Image

Argentina: The 266 is the First Buenos Aires Line to Test Thermal Cameras for Its Buses, June 4, 2020

Argentina: Buenos Aires: Thermal Cameras Will Be Installed to Take Temperature in Villa 31, May 24, 2020

Argentina: Cameras in Buses: They Take Temperatures and Detect Masks, June 5, 2020

Argentina: Cameras to Take Body Temperature Are Activated at Two Border Posts, May 5, 2020

Argentina: The Caterpillar Cell Phone’s Thermal Camera Detects Human Temperature: Tool Against the Coronavirus?, April 29, 2020, quotes from Caterpillar:

These two telephones have the capacity to read temperature at much greater distances than those recommended by health authorities around the world. In general, in the case of COVID-19, it has been said that people should maintain a social distance of 1.8 m, but the two devices far exceed this figure, allowing the thermal camera to operate with great precision.

All physical objects, including people, emit infrared energy. This can be detected using a thermal camera, with different surface temperatures visualized and represented as different colors on a screen. The technology requires neither natural light nor physical contact with the person or object in order to detect heat.

This makes thermal image capture and ideal technology for the initial detection of groups or lines of people that pass by a thermal camera. Given that high temperatures can be a symptom of illness, a different color will be shown on the screen in comparison with the normal skin temperature. This allows for rapidly identifying individuals displaying elevated temperatures with ease and without interaction.

Argentina: Companies Launch Donation Campaigns to Fight Against COVID-19, April 8, 2020, quotes from Dahua:

We are a manufacturer of Chinese origin, thus the awareness that we have of what is happening is greater. It was there that everything began. As the headquarters is in the epicenter, where the waters are calmest, they have begun to manage these situations, such as launching this plan of international solidarity.

There are various levels to the campaign. On the one hand, we make a technological donation, such as the thermal cameras currently used to take temperature in various East Asian countries and that are now arriving to Latin America—today the first arrived in Panama.

We are also considering the option to make donations of essential food and hygiene items for homeless individuals. It's in process. The idea is to make it reach doctors and people that need it.

Argentina: Constitución: A Thermal Camera Is Installed in Independencia Station, Where the C and E Lines Meet, April 1, 2020

Argentina: Coronavirus: How Does the Thermal Camera Installed in the Lucio Meléndez Hospital in Almirante Brown Work, April 21, 2020

Argentina: Coronavirus: How the Fever-detecting Thermal Cameras Work, March 12, 2020

Argentina: Coronavirus in Almirante Brown: Cameras That Detect if Someone Has a Fever Were Installed in a Hospital, April 19, 2020

Argentina: Coronavirus in Argentina: A Camera That Measures the Temperatures of Passengers on a Bus Line in Buenos Aires Province Was Tested, June 16, 2020

Argentina: Dahua Thermal Cameras are Installed in the Buenos Aires Subway, April 1, 2020

Argentina: How the Chinese Thermal Cameras Installed on Lines 12 and 39 Work, June 11, 2020

Argentina: In the Middle of the Pandemic, the Use of Temperature-Measuring Cameras Grows, June 6, 2020

Argentina: More Control Coronavirus in Greater Buenos Aires: Cameras That Detect Fever Have Begun to Be Installed in Buses, June 15, 2020

Argentina: Temperature Checks, Artificial Intelligence and Facemask Notices: What the Return to Work in Offices Will Be Like, June 8, 2020

Argentina: The Temperature of Police Staff from Regional Unit III Is Monitored, June 4, 2020

Argentina: Thermal Cameras Are Installed in the Buenos Aires Subway, April 2, 2020

Argentina: Thermal Cameras Are Installed in the Buenos Aires Subway, April 8, 2020, quotes from Dahua:

The objective is to protect the subway workers, considering that it is an essential service, by early prevention and detection normal or low-grade fevers.

The objective is to continue these services once the quarantine ends, bringing these solutions to the entrances of each station to identify feverish passengers before they board the subway, thus achieving an avoidance of the contagion in the system.

This technology is here to stay, we note a growing interest from public and private organizations to be outfitted permanently with this type of camera as a means of security and prevention.

Argentina: Thermal Camera in Hospital, Another Flight to China, 3D in Municipality and Exemptions, April 24, 2020, a quote from Dahua:

The alerts are received by hospital staff, who have developed an isolation and action protocol. In its totality, the system took three hours to install and activate, including the installation of the hardware and the software calibration.

Argentina: A Thermal Camera Is Incorporated Into the International Bridge, June 20, 2020

Argentina: A Thermal Camera Was Installed in the Río Gallegos Airport, May 27, 2020

Argentina: A Thermal Camera Will Be Installed in the El Calafate Airport, May 27, 2020

Argentina: Two Bus Lines Installed Thermal Cameras to Take Passengers' Temperatures, May 28, 2020

Bolivia: The Bolivian National Electric Company Corani Refits Its Temperature-Measurement Devices in the Face of the Emergency Due to COVID-19, June 10, 2020

Bolivia: The Bolivian National Electric Company Refits Devices in Order to Measure Temperatures, June 13, 2020

Brazil: Are Thermal Cameras Effective at Detecting COVID-19 Carriers?, May 2, 2020

Brazil: Brasilia Airport Has a Camera That Measures Temperature, May 13, 2020, a quote from Hikvision's sales director in Brazil:

Solutions for measuring temperature are necessary for prevention and control of the current critical situation. These are part of a process utilized in airports the world over.

A quote from the vice president of Inframérica, the consortium that operates Brasilia's airport:

This thermal solution and the alert regarding the use of masks that is being broadcast in the Brasilia Airport have the objective of further guaranteeing passenger safety during the time to fly.

Brazil: Cameras Monitor PassengersTemperatures in the Salvador Metro, June 2, 2020

Brazil: Camera Reads Body Temperature, May 22, 2020

Brazil: Coronavirus: Government Installs Thermal Cameras in 22 Municipalities in Paraíba, June 6, 2020

The thermal technology is from the Hikvision company.

Brazil: Dahua Technology Offers Free Smart Electronic Security Online Workshops, April 1, 2020

Brazil: High-Precision Camera for Measuring Temperature Can Help Contain the Dissemination of Illnesses Such As COVID-19, May 17, 2020

Brazil: In India, Police Use Futuristic Camera to Measure People's Fever, May 13, 2020

Brazil: Infrared Cameras Spot Fever, but Do Not Impede the Advance of COVID-19, May 12, 2020

Brazil: Intelbras to Export Body Temperature Cameras, June 16, 2020

Brazil: Italy Uses Futuristic Helmet to Detect Travelers' Fever in Airports, May 8, 2020

Brazil: Metro Station Cameras Begin to Monitor PassengersTemperatures, June 1, 2020

Brazil: Military Technologies Can Detect Suspected COVID-19 Cases Among Groups, May 29, 2020

Brazil: Pandemic: Brasilia Bus Station Tests Camera That Measures the Temperatures of 1,800 People per Minute, June 1, 2020

Brazil: Sale of Thermal Cameras in Brazil Skyrockets After COVID-19, July 6, 2020

The sales of thermal cameras, that measure body temperature, almost quintupled in May in Brazil, according to the in-country unit of Chinese [manufacturer] Dahua Technology.

Brazil: Shopping Mall Invests in Biosecurity and Technology with Environmental Decontamination Room Pilot Project, May 28, 2020

Brazil: Thermal monitoring cameras contribute to facilitate the triage of temperature of people during the wave of coronavirus, April 23, 2020

Brazil: Thermal monitoring cameras contribute to facilitate the triage of temperature of people during the wave of coronavirus, Undated

Brazil: Two-Second Evaluation: Hyundai Installs Cameras, June 1, 2020

Chile: Airports Turn to Thermal Cameras Before Operating Again, June 18, 2020

Chile: Colbún Installs Facial Thermal Camera in the Santa María Plant and the Coronel Hospital, June 11, 2020

Chile: Port Coronel Adds Cutting Edge Thermal Camera to Prevent COVID-19 Infections, March 22, 2020

Chile: We Test Camera With Artificial Intelligence That Detects Temperature and Sends an Alert When Masks Are Not Being Used, April 26, 2020

Colombia: A thermal camera is installed to detect COVID-19 in Bogota's mass transit system, May 1, 2020

Colombia: A thermal camera was installed in the TransMilenio to detect coronavirus cases, April 30, 2020

Colombia: El Dorado Will Install 10 Thermal Cameras to Take Temperatures, March 20, 2020

Colombia: In photos: the first week of the thermal camera in the Transmilenio installed in Soacha, May 6, 2020

Colombia: Movistar installs thermal camera in hospital building in Corferias, May 21, 2020, quotes from Dahua:

With this solution, from Dahua Technology, we support through our preliminary control the efforts made to protect the patients transferred to the Transitory Hospital Center, for us it is necessary to work together with the goal of achieving monitoring of what our camera considers noteworthy.

We will continue operating in Colombia hand in hand with public and private entities that today are concentrating their efforts in protecting the lives of people who must go outside and maintaining control over the propagation of COVID-19 at the national level.

Colombia: Soacha Debuts the TransMilenio's First Thermal Camera, April 30, 2020

Colombia: Thermal Camera for Detecting High Temperatures in the TransMilenio Begins to Work in Soacha, April 30, 2020

Colombia: Thermal cameras to stop the advance of COVID-19, March 23, 2020

Colombia: Thermal Cameras Will be Used to Slow the Advance of COVID-19 In Air Terminals, March 23, 2020, a quote from Dahua:

These devices can measure the temperature of 5,000 people in 30 minutes.

That means an average of 2.8 people scanned per second.

Dominican Republic: Mayor's office installs thermal cameras at its headquarters, May 20, 2020

Ecuador: The Thermal Camera Serves to Detect a Symptom of COVID-19, April 29, 2020

Honduras: 10 Thermal Cameras Are Installed in Municipal Installations in San Pedro Sula, June 19, 2020

Mexico: A Camera is donated to the National Defense Secretariat to detect temperatures at the Military Hospital, May 7, 2020, a quote from a Dahua press release:

The camera allows for the monitoring of body temperature with a range of precision of +/- 3°C, the artificial intelligence algorithm of this solution makes it possible to automatically monitor the temperature of up to three people per second without the need for human contact, in so doing helping to proactively reduce the potential risk derived from persons with fever symptoms.

Mexico: Body Temperature Cameras, Indispensable Instruments for the New Normal, June 2, 2020

Mexico: Coahuila Receives Thermal Camera Donated by Chinese Company, April 16, 2020

Mexico: Device to detect feverish people will be installed in Monclova, April 15, 2020

Mexico: In Monterrey Thermal Cameras Are Donated to the Military Hospital and Psychiatric Unit, May 25, 2020

Mexico: In the Face of COVID-19, Fever is Monitored with Infrared Thermal Cameras, May 19, 2020

Mexico: The Interamerican Entertainment Corporation, With Little to Smile About, June 1, 2020

Mexico: The Use of Thermal Cameras Against Coronavirus in the "New Normal", May 30, 2020

Panama: Dahua Technology Panamá Donates a Second Thermal Camera to the Ministry of Health, April 8, 2020

Peru: Coronavirus | Here is how thermal cameras that detect feverish persons work, March 4, 2020

Peru: Coronavirus in Peru: the army uses a drone with a thermal camera to detect possible COVID-19 infections, April 14, 2020

Uruguay: Here's How the Thermal Camera That Huawei Gave to the Msp to Detect Suspected Coronavirus Cases Works, April 23, 2020

Middle East News Sources

IPVM Image

Iran: Iranian Firm Develops Advanced ‘Fever Hunter’, April 26, 2020

Israel: Demand for Thermal Cameras Skyrockets as Employers Seek Quick Fever Checks, April 10, 2020

Israel: The Economic Impact of Coronavirus on Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Market Geography Analysis 2019-2030, April 29, 2020

Israel: Israeli Thermal Sensor Tech Can Detect Potential COVID-19 Fever in Vehicle Occupants, April 5, 2020

Jordan: UAE- Innovating to Fight COVID-19: Four Ways Drones Are Contributing, May 27, 2020

Qatar: Ooredoo Installs Fever Screening Thermal Camera System at Its Al Sadd Retail Shop, April 19, 2020

Saudi Arabia: Thermal Cameras Installed at Makkah’s Grand Mosque to Combat Coronavirus, April 29, 2020

Turkey: IMM Places Thermal Cameras in Metro Stations, April 4, 2020

Turkey: Thermal Camera Inspection Started at Metrobus Stations, April 10, 2020

United Arab Emirates: 15,000 Tests Without a Single Positive: Inside Abu Dhabi Airport During the Coronavirus Crisis, March 19, 2020

United Arab Emirates: Dubai Police Test Fever-scanning Helmet Cameras for Patrol Officers, April 14, 2020

United Arab Emirates: Coronavirus: UAE Malls Install Thermal Cameras to Help Curb Virus Spread, March 11, 2020

United Arab Emirates: Video: Dubai Police Are Using Thermal-imaging 'Smart Helmets' to Detect COVID-19, April 29, 2020

Oceania (Australia & New Zealand) News Sources

IPVM Image

Australia: Are Thermal Cameras a Magic Bullet for COVID-19 Fever Detection? There’s Not Enough Evidence to Know, May 27, 2020

Australia: Are Thermal Cameras a Magic Bullet for COVID-19 Fever Detection? There’s Not Enough Evidence to Know, May 28, 2020

Australia: D-Link Brings Thermal Scan/Facial Recognition Camera to A/NZ, May 19, 2020

Australia: ‘Fever Detection’ Cameras to Fight Coronavirus? Experts Say They Don’t Work, March 28, 2020

Australia: NRL Says Fans Must Download COVID App to Attend Games, May 26, 2020

Australia: A 'Pandemic Drone' and Other Technology Could Help Limit the Spread of Coronavirus and Ease Restrictions Sooner, but at What Cost?, April 30, 2020

Australia: Rechenberg Installs Fever Detection Camera, May 28, 2020

Australia: Thermal Imaging Cameras to Be Rolled Out 'Everywhere' in Post-COVID Australia, May 20, 2020

New Zealand: Coronavirus COVID-19: NZ Scientists Building Tech for Mass Scanning, May 7, 2020

New Zealand: Coronavirus: Thermal Imaging Cameras to Spot Symptoms Could Be Part of New Normal, April 30, 2020

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