Examining the Pelco Spectra 1.3MP HD PTZs

By John Honovich, Published Oct 04, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Pelco released a line of megapixel IP PTZs called 'Spectra HD [link no longer available].' This marks Pelco's first offering to an already limited pool of megapixel IP PTZ cameras on the market. 

The S5118 will include the following key features:

  • 1.3 MP resolution (1280x960) at 20 fps
  • 1/3" CCD sensor
  • 18x optical (4.7 - 84.6mm)
  • 360° continuous pan
  • H.264 codec
  • Dual streaming 
  • Mechanical IR cut filter
  • WDR

A notable feature is its 18x optical zoom. The current market has a limited number of IP PTZs supporting this level of zoom capability. The P5534 and the Q6034 from Axis are the only other models supporting 18x optical zooms.

Performing a search for MP day/night PTZs in our camera finder tool, returns a selection of 7 camera models manufactured by Axis, Sanyo, and Sony. The average MSRP in this selection is $3,413 USD.

The S5118 began shipping commerially October 4, 2010, with a MSRP $4,925 USD. Although the MSRP appears high (based on camera finder tool results), Pelco's camera pricing generally exhibits a wider reseller discount structure.

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