Examining ipConfigure's Hybrid VMS Appliances

By John Honovich, Published Oct 10, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

ipConfigure has released a series of Hybrid VMS appliances [link no longer available] that pre-load their VMS software, integrate analog cameras with on-board encoder cards and supports direct connection of IP cameras via PoE input cards.

The appliances come with Intel multi-core CPUs, 4GB RAM and dual GB network interfaces. The appliance supports 7 expansion slots (6 PCI and 1 PCI Express). Users can specify combinations of 4 port and 8 port H.264 encoder cards and 4 port PoE cards.  MSRP pricing ranges from $2699 - $3199 for the appliance alone plus $350 for the 4 port PoE cards and $899 for the 8 port analog encoder cards.

The option for using multiple 4 port PoE cards will be attractive for those that want to eliminate using the existing local area network or adding in their own switches for IP cameras that are close to the appliance.

In addition to the hardware costs, licenses for ipConfigure's VMS must be purchased separately. Their VMS (called ESM) has an MSRP of $245 per camera.

An example configuration of an appliance encoding 16 analog cameras, including VMS licenses would cost approximately $8,000 MSRP. At this price point and with the enterprise design of ipConfigure's VMS, this offering is best suited for mid to large scale applications and is not well suited for budget or entry level (where turnkey hybrid DVR appliances are available for significantly lower price points).

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